CORONAVIRUS Florida sets record for coronavirus hospitalizations: 3,355 in one week

Florida’s governor is trying to use the tRump method of managing the virus crisis to please his Dear Leader tRump.  Lie, obscure, and deny all the facts and instead make up fake ones showing everything is good again and getting better.  The fact is this is seriously stressing the capacity of our local medical systems.   Hospitals are not able to take more seriously ill patients.  Especially as most of those seriously ill will not be able to afford the care.   Hugs

Florida closed out the week with a record for weekly reported hospitalizations due to COVID-19, as the state’s case total and death toll continued to grow.

From Sunday to Sunday, the state saw 3,355 hospitalizations, a new record for COVID-19 admissions in one week. In the span of five days alone — Tuesday to Saturday — the state reported more than 500 new hospitalizations per day, including a high of 621 on Wednesday.


To date, 30,505 people have been hospitalized in Florida, the state’s COVID-19 dashboard shows, up 254 more than a day earlier.


From June through mid-July in Florida, there were 207 new hospitalizations a day on average. That has spiked to a daily average of 447 since mid-July.

With 77 new fatalities reported Sunday, 8,186 Florida residents are now dead. When including the 129 deaths among nonresidents, the state toll is 8,315. The state’s daily reports include deaths from several previous days, as it can take two weeks or more for fatalities to be logged.


From Sunday to Sunday, there were 45,674 new cases reported and 1,102 deaths, the latter just falling short of the previous week’s record.

Statewide, Florida’s Department of Health reported a positivity rate of 8.46% for Saturday, but that’s for new cases only and excludes anyone who previously tested positive. For all cases including retests of those previously infected, yesterday’s positivity rate was 12.07%.

South Florida, home to 29% of Florida’s population, accounts for about 44% of cases with 231,749 total. That includes 2,318 new cases reported Sunday among Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.


South Florida’s reported deaths on Sunday rose by 43 for a total of 3,599, about 44% of the state’s total.

Nine Democratic state senators on Thursday sent DeSantis a letter asking him to reconsider a push to reopen schools, saying “This is not the time for another premature victory.”

“What parent is prepared to play Russian roulette with their child’s life?” the letter said.


Experts encourage Central Florida residents to “double down” on wearing masks and social distancing.

The virus has infected over 19.6 million people and has killed over 727,000 worldwide, according to the Johns Hopkins University & Medicine Coronavirus Resource Center. The U.S. has over 5 million cases, the highest in the world, and over 161,000 are dead.

Many Americans have resisted wearing masks and social distancing, calling such precautions an overreaction or an infringement on their liberty. Public health experts say the problem has been compounded by confusing and inconsistent guidance from politicians and a patchwork quilt of approaches to containing the scourge by county, state and federal governments.


The U.S. has the most fatalities by far, followed by Brazil with over 100,000, Mexico with over 52,000, the United Kingdom with over 46,000, India with over 43,000, Italy with over 35,000, and France with over 30,000.

There is more information and accessible links to the data at the link above.   Please note in the middle of all this death and sickness because adults can not agree to do simply precautions, the Republican leaders are insisting that schools reopen and kids to do what adults wont?   As we have seen in Georgia kids and young people simply wont wear masks and social distance, which in hallways and other rooms in schools it is simply not possible to distance.   They had to close their school because so many students and teachers now are testing positive for the Covid virus.   But the state can not collect more taxes if people are not back to working and businesses are not selling goods and services.  And that can not happen if parents have to stay home to watch their children.   So this failed attempt to force the opening of schools.   People are hurting and dying but tRump and DeSantis wants to pretend everything is rosy and please just go back to living as you use to do.   Hugs

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