2 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: People are dying because of tRump, vote him out and hold him accountable

    • Hello Nan. The whole tRump strategy is to frighten the people, the white Christian people, that can not deal with the changes in our society since the 1950’s. Fear and threats is the Republican way. Same with how he tried to gain favor with suburbia by ending the fair housing act, not realizing in his wealthy living that suburbia is now mixed races. The idea of whites only housing went out with the lawsuit the government filed and won against him and his dad. I notice they never talk about moving the US into the future only how the others will change the white Christian power and make them accept that same sex marriage is equal to theirs which they think is privileged.

      Really I keep asking these people who certifies marriage in the US and they refuse to admit that the government approves marriage not the church or god. This is the bigotry hill they have chosen to die on. They simply can not accept the forward movement of society. This election really is about the direction of the country, either we move to the future or we retreat to the past. Hugs

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