From profane tirades to a nude photo, Massachusetts COVID-19 compliance hotline drew some fake complaints, too

What the fuck is wrong with the people in this country.  They are acting like thugs and assholes.   They claim to be the law and order party but obeying a healthcare directed mandate to wear a small piece of cloth blows their minds.   Are they going to protest wearing pants next for it violates their liberty?   What a bunch of bullshit from a bunch of butt hurt snowflakes.    Hugs

Hours after its launch, Gov. Charlie Baker’s COVID-19 compliance hotline was hit with profane tirades about the governor’s restrictions, fake complaints and even a picture of a man’s genitalia.

The pornographic missive, sent the day of the reporting line’s launch, was sent by an account named “Good German” with the subject line “no mask compliance.” An email to the address was not returned Friday.

That email was tucked between messages calling the new reporting portal a “rat line” and complaints about Baker for not wearing a mask while delivering his COVID-19 briefings, even though he usually stands 6 feet away from others.

“How many times have we seen Gov. Baker (R.I.N.O.) giving press conferences without himself (wearing a mask)” one complaint said, calling Baker a “Republican In Name Only.”

“Is this a new Communist site?” another person asked.

Dozens of messages like this came into the state, though it made up a small fraction of the more than 900 complaints the Department of Labor Services received in the reporting system’s the first week.

A handful of people filed other fake complaints, such as reports of unmasked dogs, or asked to report the Legislature or governors that condoned Black Lives Matter protests. (The BLM protests in Massachusetts, however, were largely masked and 2.5% of demonstrators who participated in testing tested positive for COVID-19.)

Still, the reporting line has its detractors. Some of the emails the state portal received in its first days accused the state of unfairly targeting struggling businesses and called on the Baker administration to speed up its reopening process. A handful of the calls and emails were little more than rants cursing out the governor.

More at the link above.   The humans in the US are devolving at a rapid rate.   Hugs



4 thoughts on “From profane tirades to a nude photo, Massachusetts COVID-19 compliance hotline drew some fake complaints, too

    • Hello Nan. Thank you. My back is really hurting so I am not sure how much longer I can stand to sit at the computers and share the news I am reading. But it seems the rest of the world, and even a majority of the US is moving into the future yet the powerful minority part of the US in charge is holding us way back. They are trying desperately to return to a past, a time when they felt they were the normal, they were in charge, they were what was expected. Unfortunately under tRump they have gained power to enforce their views. They can not deal with the changes in an advancing world. If these people had been in charge in the 1960’s the US would never have gone to the moon. I just read how a militia / biker groups have now taken it on themselves to protect the police and are showing up at BLM protests to openly brawl and hurt the protesters. They attacked and chased a group down two blocks and then beat them in a ditch. The police standing by declined to intervene and let it happen. So much for protect and serve? Oh yes this is the stable part of society tRump is providing. I am worried and I also am tired. Any good news on your front? Hugs

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