New Zealand Goes 100 Days Without New COVID Case

The way it should have been done here.   We call our country the greatest on earth and ride the coat tails of the preceding generations.   If we would take that damn chip off our shoulder and look around the world we see a better way to deal with this.   Ah but the Dear Leader of the tRump cult would have to admit he was wrong and that won’t ever happen.   Hugs

New Zealand Goes 100 Days Without New COVID Case

Business Insider reports:

New Zealand has made it 100 days without a single new local case of COVID-19, the country’s Ministry of Health announced Sunday. The public health milestone comes as coronavirus cases are spiking in other countries, including nearby Australia. The total number of cases in the US surpassed 5 million Sunday — by contrast, New Zealand has only reported 1,219 cases of the virus, most in April and May, and 23 of those cases remain active.

New Zealand took an early, aggressive approach to stop the spread of the virus. The country of 5 million people entered a hard lockdown in April that closed schools and nearly all businesses, including food delivery. By June, most restrictions were lifted in the country, but New Zealand’s borders remain closed to foreigners and incoming New Zealanders are required self-quarantine for two weeks after arriving.

More at the links above.    Hugs

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