The Guardian: Dying young: the healthcare workers in their 20s killed by Covid-19

Dying young: the healthcare workers in their 20s killed by Covid-19
Our database of US healthcare coronavirus deaths includes a significant minority under 30, leaving shattered dreams and devastated families

Read in The Guardian:

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2 thoughts on “The Guardian: Dying young: the healthcare workers in their 20s killed by Covid-19

  1. Dennis Cole August 11, 2020 / 04:00

    It’s madness, Scottie – absolute maniacal madness. They think it will be cheaper in the long run, and help to maintain their ever-more-fragile hold on not just the narrative, but the outcome. The reelection. That’s their goal, and they they’re thinking that the majority of those displaced – and therefore unable to vote without a fixed address – will be Dims in big cities, and for those pesky states that insist on mail-in ballots, they have a plan for that too. Heavily-armed thugs at every polling place, orders to NOT deliver ballots from certain precincts or counties; no matter how hard we try to get the word out, to hand-carry your mail-ins to your local Registrar’ s office, if it’s in (R) territory, even doing that won’t help.

    In fact, you might as well wager ALL your Quatloos on them winning, because it’s rigged more ways that ANY of the crooked roulette wheels at the various tRump casinos he drove into bankruptcy. Which, BTW, gives you a really quick, though minor return on the investment, but it allows one to move to even greater ambitions…… stealing every last nickel from the Treasury, and Social Security, and once it’s been chopped-up and sold to investors, the massive USPS Pension Fund, which has swollen to aroun $150 Billion. Don’t forget the gold in Fort Knox, and in gramma’s and grampa’s teeth – he’s going to demand all that as well, besides.

    They’ve told us so many times they intend to steal it by any means possible, and now they’re loudly & visibly taunting us to stop them.

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    • Scottie August 12, 2020 / 03:48

      Hello Dennis. What you say they will try is true, but don’t lose hope. Remember there are more of us than there are of them. We have to try to win control back from them. Every election Republicans have a smaller minority and have to cheat more. Now is the time to stomp them out. Have hope, we can win. Hugs


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