Man, Woman Punch Sesame Place Worker Who Reminded Them to Wear Masks, Police Say

Man, Woman Punch Sesame Place Worker Who Reminded Them to Wear Masks, Police Say

A man and woman punched a 17-year-old Sesame Place employee in the face after the teen reminded them to wear masks, police said.

The incident occurred Sunday at the Sesame Place theme park in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Middletown Township police said. A teen employee told the unnamed man and woman that they were required to wear masks while in the park due to COVID-19.

Later that day, around 5 p.m., the same duo confronted the teen worker at the Captain Cookie’s High C’s Adventure ride, confronted him causing him to back up and punched him in the face, police said. The teen fell to the ground.


The man and woman then fled from the scene as park security chased after them. Investigators said they were last seen driving away in a vehicle registered in New York.

The teen suffered a jaw injury and damaged teeth. He was taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center in Middletown on Sunday and underwent surgery on Monday.

There is more including a video at the link above.   Bastards.   Punch a kid for doing his job, tough guys right?    This is the type of thing SPTV and right wing media give us.   The good news police think they know who these two are from park records.  Hugs

2 thoughts on “Man, Woman Punch Sesame Place Worker Who Reminded Them to Wear Masks, Police Say

    1. Hello Nan. It is not the virus doing it, it is the rabid right wing media machine churning out misinformation and out right lies. What is fueling the freedom cry over face masks? How are face coverings interfering with freedom? Is being required to wear clothing to cover your genitals when in public interfering with freedom? If you have to cover your butt / genitalia when you are in public then you can be required to cover your mouth / nose. But these people love to run on emotion and enjoy being outraged. They love the feeling of being in a community of like minded outraged emotionally driven people. They feed off each other. They are addicted to it. The can not be reasoned with because they don’t want to see reason, it takes away their emotional high. When I listen to clips of Carlson I notice he often will take one subject and use it as it means something else. For example he was mispronouncing Kamala Harris’s first name. When his guest, who did not realize Tucker was doing it deliberately, pointed out the correct pronunciation Carlson went on a rant. The guest only gave the correct pronunciation and made no attack on Tucker or any judgement but here is what Carlson took from it. Tucker said in his rant that because he mispronounced her name he was not allowed to criticize her? He repeated that line a half a dozen times. The guest never said that at all. Never even implied it. But now in the mind of his audience if you correct them on anything it means you object to them having criticisms. Carlson got angrier and more feeling aggrieved the more he made that claim. Just as his follower will now if they are correct. They will demand that they are not allowed to criticize and you are just stifling the truth. Hugs

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