4 thoughts on “Moving Day

  • I have never in my life heard about a person that is soooo totally out of touch. I knew they existed, but to actually have one sitting in the White House and controlling the lives of people who are struggling just to SURVIVE is simply mind-boggling.

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    • Hello Nan. I have taken care of people that out of touch, but they were in a nursing home with mental decline issues. What scares me is people keep insisting tRump is not in decline but smart, just yesterday he had a meeting covered by media that before it started he had every single member of his administration praise him. The North Korean Dear Leader is so proud of tRump following in his footsteps. Seriously, this is the second time I have seen this fawning disgusting bully driven ego masturbation by tRump and those around him. Pence and Pompeo do it every interview they give. Where is their dignity, their self respect. Their reputations are forever ruined. Hugs


      • Dignity? Self-respect? Reputation? Not only Pence and Pompeo but numerous members of Congress no longer know (or care about) what those words even mean.

        If this country doesn’t vote this man out of office in November, I think I’m going into seclusion. I really don’t think my mental capacities can stand another four years of insanity.

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        • Hello Nan. I wonder if I will keep screaming into the wind and tilting at windmills, or if I will change what I watch, listen to, and post about? Hugs


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