Trump’s Payroll Tax Cut Isn’t What You Think

What people are missing is for tRump the goal is to get past the election.  He won’t make the tax go away if elected as it won’t matter.   The idea is to make it look like he is doings something for you now so you vote for him and he gets good press.   It is another tRump scam.  Hugs

One thought on “Trump’s Payroll Tax Cut Isn’t What You Think

  • Scottie, this change if allowed to go in effect, will not be as accretive to the economy as the people that need money more don’t have a job. Plus Social Security and Medicare are destined for financial trouble before the change. If continued, it will be the death knell to those programs, which are largely successful and appreciated.

    We need to remember Trump has had six business go bankrupt. Not one, six. Plus, he set up a mortgage company in the middle of a housing recession and, no surprise, it failed too. Trump does not care about debt – he lives for the now. So, he will do anything he can to dress up things, but we will pay the pauper long after he is gone.



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