Video shows 8-year-old being arrested at Florida school

What the hell is wrong with our society?   I have a longer video.   The kid was not sitting on the lunch bench properly and he is special needs.  A teacher was taking him to the office or such when he hit her.   How hard can an 8 year old hit?  So they called the police to press charges.   On an 8 year old special needs child.     Put the kid in a time out not traumatize him for life.  Plus the adult police officer was adding to it by guilt shaming the kid instead of taking responsibility for the situation.   Some adult should have step in and stopped this, the police should have said no.  Where Is the parent?  The kid going to jail alone?  Is the US now a police state?   Hugs

2 thoughts on “Video shows 8-year-old being arrested at Florida school

  • This is absolutely SHAMEFUL!! What in the hell were these guys doing? Taking a kid to JAIL for hitting a teacher? GEEZ! Something is VERY, VERY wrong here.

    In fact, it’s so outlandish that I can’t help but wonder if it was staged …

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    • Hello Nan. It was not. This is the police state we live in. I have posted many of these over the last two years of little kids being taken into custody. It is not happening in most white communities yet it is happening in rural or black majority urban places. Now it is spreading to the more white areas. They call it the kid to jail pipeline. It feeds the for profit prisons and several judges have already gone to jail for sentencing black kids to these prisons when they really should not have been. The goal is to keep the for profit prisons full so they get the maximum profit. It started with more aggressive “safety officers” and more security at predominately schools with more colored kids. I have posted of the over reactions of these safety officers to minor infractions, including a couple of out right striking out at kids doing nothing wrong as they walked down the halls, the kids were then taken into custody and sent to the pipeline to Juvenal jails. It is another part of the bigotry designed to incarcerate as many POC as possible. We have a serious issue in our country.

      Just today I had someone send me an article about a racist police force asking me if that was possible. I said follow the evidence and then reason it out. Yes they are racists.

      To this kid and his arrest., It is the police state and the attempt to install fear for any infraction. Not one adult tried to deescalate the situation. The police officers did not try to either as the one berated the kid for putting him in that position, making the adults actions the kids fault.

      This really is the whole intent of the defund the police movement. In this case the police shouldn’t have been called but social workers should have. By the earth why did the police need to be there and threaten a 8 year old with jail with out a parent or guardian? Why did two adult large men think they needed to try to put handcuffs on a child. It is emotional warfare.

      This needs to be taken seriously and refuted by every person in the US. This child was not out of control, he did not need to be treated this way, the adults should be sanctioned and fired. Hugs


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