Where are the jobs. People not only lost work but many lost healthcare coverage. The millionaire wealth Republicans in congress don’t care. Most call themselves Christians

Putting that all together—the 21.0 million officially unemployed, the 4.9 million unemployed who are being misclassified as “employed, not at work,” and the 6.6 million who have dropped out of the labor force as a result of the virus—that’s 32.5 million workers who are officially unemployed or are otherwise out of work  as a result of the virus. If they had all shown up as unemployed, the unemployment rate would have been 19.7% in May instead of 13.3%. That’s an improvement from the same figure in April, which was 23.5%, but it is still mind-bogglingly high—nearly one in five workers are out of work….Jun 29, 2020

Nearly 11% of the workforce is out of work with no reasonable chance of getting called back to a prior job

(cartoon by Adam Zyglis)


2 thoughts on “Where are the jobs. People not only lost work but many lost healthcare coverage. The millionaire wealth Republicans in congress don’t care. Most call themselves Christians

  • There’s no jobs. & the few jobs that are available are low-paying, high risk & I don’t blame people for not wanting to work them. The only work around here are food service & grocery stores; some construction, but you need to be in the union & have some skills; even those guys are mostly laid off.

    But even with the obvious sign of economic distress … all the storefronts that are dark, all the malls that are empty, all the office parking lots that have no cars in them … I hear people INSIST that there are “plenty of jobs” out there & “people just don’t want to work”.

    Yeah, people don’t want to work. They want to lose their homes, everything they own, sleep wherever they can, beg for food & eventually get sick & die under a bridge. Yeah, cuz they don’t want one of those “plenty of jobs”.

    I’m totally sickened by this entire situation.

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    • Hello Polly. Well said. As you said the only jobs are ones that expose you to Covid such as healthcare givers. Here where I am there is not even food service jobs as restaurants have cut back or closed, and grocery stores are running shorter hours.

      Who are these people insisting there are jobs? Are they looking to employ people? Where are they going to find these jobs lists? Far too many people hear something on YouTube or read it on twitter or Facebook and swear it is really true, but it is not. Senator Ted Cruz keeps saying he is hearing from restaurant owners that the waitstaff wont come back to work as the make more on unemployment. Well first that shows their wages are far too low anyway, but when asked who these people were Cruz refused to answer or even say where in the country they were. So it was a lie, made up for right wing media.

      What angers me is the wealthy elected Republican congress people who have no problem giving a 500 billion X10 slush fund for businesses that we can not even get an account of what business are getting the money, they gave a 1.5 trillion dollar tax cut to the wealthiest people in the country, yet wont give the lower income / workers of the country $600 in unemployment and wont raise the minimum wage to at least $15 dollars an hour. It is sickening how they really feel about working people. We are peons and serfs, nothing but peasants serving the masters to make them money. Hugs

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