Man Carried From Store By His Son While Threatening to Beat Customers Over Masks: ‘A Bunch of P***ies Wearing Masks!’

Man Carried From Store By His Son While Threatening to Beat Customers Over Masks: ‘A Bunch of P***ies Wearing Masks!’

A man was carried from a Tucson grocery store by his grown son while threatening to beat other customers over the wearing of face masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, screaming that they were “A bunch of pussies wearing masks!” as he was carried off by his own child.

In yet another viral video of a public scene over the wearing of masks, the man is seen ranting at others in a Tucson, Arizona Sprouts grocery store as his son tries to calm him down.

“They won’t learn. These people won’t learn. You’re a bunch of idiots wearing masks, you know it’s not real,” the man says, and addresses a fellow customer by saying “Look at you fools, you’ve got a fuckin’ doily on your face, you retard. You look like you fuckin’ got it off your mom’s countertop.”

As someone else yells “fuck you asshole,” and the customer tells him he’s acting like a child, the man continues “You look like an idiot, you’re the child.”

Once the son has already begun to restrain him, the man says “You’re a dork. Look at you, you giant fucking dork. Come outside, come outside and show me how tough you are!”

“I’ll beat that fuckin’ mask off your face and a retard,” the man adds as his son physically picks him up and carries him out of the store like a toddler.

“Fuckin’ pussies! You’re all a bunch of pussies wearing masks! Losers!” the man exclaims, his voice fading with the distance created by his son hauling him out of the store. Some commenters clain to hear an audible fart at around 36 seconds into the clip.

Although the incident took place in Arizona, one of the sons wears a Collingswood, New Jersey wrestling t-shirt.

The video was posted to Reddit, but went viral once it was reposted to Twitter by Fifty Shades of Whey (@davenewworld_2), the same Twitter account that posted the “White Power!” video that President Donald Trump retweeted.

There are videos of it and tweets at the link above.   I would be so mortified if this was a family member of mine?   What the hell is wrong with maga heads.    Hugs

9 thoughts on “Man Carried From Store By His Son While Threatening to Beat Customers Over Masks: ‘A Bunch of P***ies Wearing Masks!’

  1. Sweet mercy! Anti-mask rage is absurd! Just learned from my husband that there are scores of mask confrontation videos posted on YouTube. Me – I refuse to search for or click on a single one. What’s wrong with people? Violating constitutional freedom my ass all you dim witted imbeciles! Canadians don’t mind wearing masks. Surely American anti-maskers realize their ignorance is reason why Canada has no interest in opening the border, Americans are banned from travelling to most European countries? Who am I kidding? These morons can’t see beyond their MAGA hats.

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    1. Hello Notes To Ponder. Yes the anti-maskers are proud of their antics, their rages, their being offended and they think it reinforces their message. I agree with you I do not understand how these types of masks have anything to do with freedoms? Are Canadians not free? What about Europe, are they not free? I am embarrassed that people from the US are lying about traveling to Alaska via Canada to get across the border and then they go to other places. The people in the US think nothing of violating other countries laws and values simply to please themselves. These same people would / are screaming bloody murder at others coming to the US they think are not respecting our laws or values. Hypocrites. Hugs

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        1. Hello Notes To Ponder. Far too many people in the US were raised to think the US had some sort of right to rule the world. The US president was called the leader of the free world for no reason I can think of that the US deserved to be called that. They got the idea the US could do anything it wanted, could make its own rules, violate other countries rules, kill or kidnap their citizens, wage a pre-emptive war, and more but only the US had that right. I have tried to explain how wrong and stupid that idea is to these US is #1 people but it never goes well.


    1. Hello Keith. Did you watch the video. This guy wanted a confrontation, he was trying to push other people’s buttons. He felt entitled to do so. He also felt safe in doing so. I think he was taken aback by his son’s reaction, I think he is a maga SPTV watcher who is not use to being contradicted in his home so did not expect resistance from his son. But on top of his not being masked, he was acting like a real asshole. He was shouting insults and calling people names in public like he was in command and control of it. He is the type to be shouting slurs at POC. He is a prime example of an entitled white man. Something we need to see go extinct. Hugs

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  2. I guess it’s because I’m not “like them,” but I find it difficult to understand why non-wearers have to make such a big deal to wearers. I can understand them getting angry when they’re asked to leave (although I do support this action), but to just “go off” on people in general because they have a mask on … ??!!??

    I applaud the son. We need more like him.

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    1. Hello Nan. Because the majority wearing them makes them feel they are wrong, and they can not stand that. It is the constant theme on SPTV that the louder and more confrontational you are the more right you are. The more aggressive you are the more correct your position. You need to tell those around you that you will not tolerate their not understanding how correct you are in being wrong. SPTV hosts shout down anyone with a different opinion, ridicule and insult them, and always get the last word showing they are correct.


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