2 thoughts on “Right wing attack dogs State Propaganda Media

  1. Keith August 14, 2020 / 13:49

    Scottie, I did not realize the Marx brothers went into talk radio. The incumbent president of the United States said Kamala Harris may not be a citizen because she may not have been born here with immigrant parents. Lindsay Graham said he had no problems with Harris’ citizenship, but was silent on the president’s lack of judgment or character. Speaking of conspiracies, you might find my current post of interest. Keith

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    • Scottie August 17, 2020 / 06:39

      Hello Keith. I will check your blog when I get the comments caught up. I have given up on Graham, and I think McCain would be really disappointed in him. tRump hears something he likes regardless of if it is correct and then he praises the person who said it. Like the demon sex doctor who praised tRump’s drug of choice. The lawyer who wrote the hit piece on Harris is in fact a horrible lawyer well known for writing bad reviews and legal nonsense. Hugs

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