Internal USPS Documents Outline Plans to Hobble Mail Sorting

‘This will slow mail processing,’ a union official wrote on one of the documents announcing the machine removals.


The United States Postal Service proposed removing 20 percent of letter sorting machines it uses around the country before revising the plan weeks later to closer to 15 percent of all machines, meaning 502 will be taken out of service, according to documents obtained by Motherboard outlining the agency’s plans. USPS workers told Motherboard this will slow their ability to sort mail.


The title of the presentation, as well as language used in the notice to union officials, undermines the Postal Service’s narrative that the organization is simply “mov[ing] equipment around its network” to optimize processing, as spokesperson Dave Partenheimer told Motherboard on Thursday. The May document clearly calls the initiative an “equipment reduction.” It makes no mention of the machines being moved to other facilities. And the notice to union officials repeatedly uses the same phrase. Multiple sources within the postal service told Motherboard they have personally witnessed the machines, which cost millions of dollars, being destroyed or thrown in the dumpster. USPS did not respond to a request for comment.


Further, the timeline of the May document did not come to pass. It proposed a plan resulting in the machines being removed by the end of July, but that didn’t happen. Interviews with six postal workers and union officials around the country, who spoke to Motherboard on condition of anonymity because they’re not authorized to speak to the media, revealed these machine removals are still occurring in Michigan, West Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Texas.

More machine removals are planned in the months ahead. The document sent to union officials in June shows an updated plan to extend the machine removal timeline through the first quarter of 2021.

Motherboard also viewed documents from the same region that laid out detailed plans to reroute mail to sorting facilities further away in order to centralize mail processing even if it moves the mail across further distances. To the union officials, the result of these plans was clear: “This will slow mail processing,” one wrote in large font.


The move to slash the agency’s mail-sorting capacity just as the post office prepares to play a pivotal role in the upcoming election has raised alarm among elected officials. On Wednesday, 47 Senators sent a letter to DeJoy urging him “not to take any action that makes it harder and more expensive for Americans to vote.”

The removal of so many letter-sorting machines also does little to quell concern that President Trump—who has stated his opposition to giving the USPS additional money to handle the election because he doesn’t want mail-in ballots to be properly handled and counted—is intentionally interfering in the USPS’s operations to achieve his desired ends.

“Donald Trump made clear that he is dismantling the Postal Service so he can steal the election by making it harder to vote by mail,” said Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, a signatory of the letter. “Removing 20 percent of the Postal Service’s sorting and processing equipment looks like another part of his plan to bulldoze a vital American institution just to cling to power.”

“The Trump Administration is launching an all-out war on the U.S. Postal Service,” said West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, another letter signatory. “Several weeks ago we learned they had unexpectedly announced closures of several West Virginia post offices. Then we learned of their plans to change the regulations surrounding the first class mail and election mail. Now we’re hearing reports that the post office is removing sorting machines and reducing capacity a few months before an election where we’ll see more mail-in ballots than ever before. This is insane.”

There is more at the link above.    Hugs


4 thoughts on “Internal USPS Documents Outline Plans to Hobble Mail Sorting

  1. Dennis Cole August 15, 2020 / 14:00

    G’morning, children, and other shut-ins! Today, let’s talk about RICO, shall we? As in, most major mob bosses ended up in the slamma due to Racketeering, or, using threats of violence or destruction, the ACTS of violence and/or destruction of property to advance one’s gains of illegal profiteering, accumulation of power, property or even prestige, through extortion or other unlawful means.

    And America’s “Top Cop,” our own, illustrious, hand-picked defender of tRump and ALL things Evil he promotes, should be the one slapping the cuffs on the Nation’s current Mob Boss, but instead, he’s blocking any investigations that could bring such charges. So what we need is just a handful, a cadre if you will, of FBI Agents totally dedicated to their Oaths, and to the Rule of Law, to somehow surreptitiously slip around Bully Billy, and ARREST THE PRESIDENT!

    They would go down in history as True American Heros, the ones who were brave enough to risk not just their careers, but possibly their lives as well, besides, to Save Our Democracy. (Or Representative Republic, as it may be.)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Scottie August 17, 2020 / 11:38

      Hello Dennis. Nice fantasy but as illegal as what tRump and crew are doing. I want tRump taken down as badly as anyone, I really do. But I want to stick, I want it to burn, I want it to be used against every tRump supporter and for that to happen it needs to be above board and carefully lawful. No wiggle room for the corrupt like the Mueller investigation, where it was proven tRump did wrong but too hard for stupid people to follow and too easy to manipulate. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Keith August 16, 2020 / 08:38

    Scottie, and he who shall not be named gloats. This person told us why he is doing it. That is a confession is it not? Keith

    Liked by 1 person

    • Scottie August 17, 2020 / 12:43

      Hello Keith. And when he is out of power all actions must be investigated and if illegal activity found, charges need to be brought and a trial commenced. Let justice be done. Hugs


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