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White supremacists hold rally anyway after being denied permit on Stone Mountain in Georgia

White supremacists hold rally anyway after being denied permit on Stone Mountain in Georgia

Stone Mountain park officials say a group called the Three Percenters out of Alabama applied for a permit. It was denied because of violence surrounding past protests. No other group was given a permit.

But people still showed up on Saturday.

So far, no word on any arrests or injuries from the protest — however, there were some altercations caught on camera.

More at the link above.  

Police disperse demonstrators from Stone Mountain

Protesters and counterprotesters face off in the city of Stone Mountain after Stone Mountain Park was closed. Several far-right groups, including militias and white supremacists, were planning to rally Saturday at Stone Mountain, and a broad coalition of leftist anti-racist groups are organizing a counter-demonstration. Local authorities, who have been closely monitoring online chatter about the rally, are bracing for possible conflict. (Photo: Jenni Girtman for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)


Someone in the crowd set off a firework. Two counterprotesters report being sprayed with insect repellent, and possibly pepper spray, and a medic has been called for.

Protesters have also noticed the lack of police presence.

“Why are the police allowing people to get into each others’ faces so much?” one man said. “Here there are a lot of guns. It seems stupid. What are they waiting for? Someone to get killed?”

There is more at the link above including pictures.   You can see from the pictures how the right wing militia racists are spraying people with chemicals.  They are nasty people.   They just want to hurt others and insist on their superiority.  Hugs

2 thoughts on “These racists did not have a permit, they figure like their Dear Leader the laws do not apply to them.

  1. Keith says:

    Scottie, when I think of Stone Mountain, it is of pertinence to note it was completed in March, 1972. That is 107 years after the end of the Civil War and only 7 years after the Voting Rights Act (and 8 after the Civil Rights Act) were passed. And, the governor who sanctioned it was none other than Lester Maddox, who was known as a businessman who violated the Civil Rights Act.

    So, who are we kidding about monuments like this. This one has a causal link with racism. Keith

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Keith. You are correct, almost all of them can be traced back to one racist group or another and most were put up in the 1960’s and other times when POC were having success at gaining access to their rights. It is a way to glorify the idea of white supremacy and remind POC they were thought of as property. There is no way in a democracy the side that promoted owning humans as property should be honored with statues and flying their battle flag. Hugs


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