Cannon Gaslighting and Say All Their Names, please read both

In an horrifying crime a black man shot and killed a white 5 year old boy.  The motive is not known.  The people involved were friendly with each other.  However in a sickening attempt to discredit the BLM movement and the reasons for it, and to assert the racist idea that black people kill more whites and the left do not care the right is pushing hard that the media won’t even name the child.   I will post a reblog of a post that does this much better at why this is not correct and why it is not remotely the same thing.  Please use it if you get hit from maga racist that the white child did not matter to the left.   Please read both of them.   Thank you.   Hugs

Cannon Gaslighting

Clay Jones Comic Strip for August 18, 2020

Cannon Gaslighting

What did he do? He gaslighted in the name of racism. He took a false equivalency that’s become a right-wing talking point over the past few days and he ran with it. This family member hasn’t done well with comprehension lately and instead has been prone to talking out his ass, but until yesterday, he’s been using the dog whistles more than the outright racism. Sharing the Cannon Hinnant talking point was the last racist straw for me.

Cannon Hinnant was a five-year-old boy killed by a 25-year-old neighbor with a gun in North Carolina. There’s right-wing outrage over this. Is it about the gun violence? No. Is it about the murder of a child? No. Is it about an adult murdering a child? No. It’s about a white child being murdered by a black man.

Republicans are sharing this in relation to George Floyd’s murder by police. If you’re a rational level-headed thinking person, you would probably ask, what’s the equivalence? There is none.

You may think since they’re outraged, authorities refused to arrest and charge the black man who is the suspect. No. He was arrested. He’s been charged. He’s in jail. The outrage is, we’re not talking about it enough. They claim the media hasn’t covered it.

The claim CNN hasn’t covered it. They claim The Washington Post hasn’t covered it. They claim USA Today hasn’t covered it. They claim the Associated Press hasn’t coverd it. They even claimed Yahoo News didn’t cover it. Why, all those links must be fake news or the viral racism is a total lie.

And also

Say All Their Names


Say All Their Names

What I haven’t heard is outrage from the right over the gun. I haven’t heard anyone ask how the suspect acquired the gun. I haven’t even heard them ask what type of gun. It’s almost like Cannon was murdered with a gun but not with a gun. But when they finally get around to the gun aspect of this, they’ll probably argue that five-year-old Cannon would still be alive if only he had a gun.

Cannon was killed with a gun on August 9, 2020. Since that day, 15 other children have been killed by guns. When you see someone on social media post a meme about Cannon, ask them if they can say the name of any of the other 15 children killed by guns since Cannon’s murder? If they’re so upset about a child being murdered, then they’ll be able to say all 15 of those names in addition to Cannon’s. In case you’re a conservative, 15 plus 1 equals 16.

If your outrage isn’t solely based on racism and that the suspect is black, then say all their names. Better yet, why don’t you say all the names of the over 40,000 children killed by guns since 1999?

Please I ask again you read both posts.  As I read them I thought of the children lost to gun violence.  I also thought about the hypocrisy of the right that values guns more than children, that separates children from family at the borders, that has incarcerated more children than any other country, that has underfunded schools, that has cut food assistance, yet screams about one white child killed by a black man.  Don’t fall for their attempt to shift the narratives.   Hugs

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