Daily Mail: Trump counters Biden with law and order message in Minnesota

Trump counters Biden with law and order message in Minnesota
Trump used a mini-rally in Mankato, MI, to label Democrats ‘fascists’ who want to ‘erase our borders, eliminate our police, vilify our heroes, and take away our energy.’

Read in Daily Mail: https://apple.news/AkvrP3Wy-Q7uolMfHlYiE2A

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Author: Scottie

I am a 57 year old gay man who has been very lucky in life. Life is an adventure and I live it that way. I am in a long term married relationship with a wonderful man I adore. We are in our 30th year together.

4 thoughts on “Daily Mail: Trump counters Biden with law and order message in Minnesota”

    1. Hello Nan. Over the last few days I have read and sometimes posted more of what tRump is desperately spewing to get more attention and draw it away from the Democratic convention. Most of it is word salad, meaning nothing. Plus most of it is projection. Everything he accuses Biden of bringing if elected is already happening in tRump’s presidency. His viewers can not see that the riots and the deep divide he claims Biden will bring are already here now under tRump. The crashed economy he claims will come is here. But his cult can not see past SPTV. I personally am sick of it.
      It is little kid stuff. I want to yell grow up at them. Hugs


      1. Yes, it continues to amaze me how dense his followers are. However, when you consider they only get the doctored-up version of things from SPTV –and never listen to/read/hear the other side– it’s not surprising.

        Have you watched any of the Democrat nomination proceedings? I’ve watched bits and pieces. It’s kinda’ like long online videos … I can only take so much.

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        1. Hello Nan. I have watched clips on different new shows. Like you that kind of thing wears on me. But I figure I get the highlights from all the news media I watch. I love how Michelle Obama got under tRump’s skin so bad he tweeted that her husband was the prior president, as if she did not know that. Hugs


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