3 thoughts on “Democracy? What right to vote?

    • Scottie August 19, 2020 / 02:57

      Yes Nan. Because they do not believe in democracy. They really don’t. You pointed me to Heather Cox’s post on this. I have long said the Republicans crave power and wealth over democracy. If either of the first two are threatened they will dump democracy completely. I also have said for several years that the Republicans crave a single party rule system like China’s with the Republicans being the party in charge. Now they have convinced the cult followers this is preferable to democracy, which is something new I think. Before it was only POC having a hard time voting, but now white people are also if you are not of the correct party and I wonder why this doesn’t bother the cult? And that the Democratic party has not fought all this harder shows how far right they have moved. Now we desperately need Biden to win and the progressives in the country to start taking over the government. Which they will as soon as the Democrats get rid of the gerrymandered districts and the voter suppression rules. I was pissed at Kasich’s speech, he made it sound like progressives have no respect or decency. I know we have to vote for Biden but people need to realize he is one of those who moved the Democratic party right and will have to be pushed left hard, and really needs to be a one term president followed By Kamala Harris for two terms. Hugs

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  1. Angela Grant August 20, 2020 / 05:04

    Come election this “precision planning” will bite them in the azz. Congress will be blue and Americans will be dancing on Trump’s grave. Happy days will be here again.

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