7 thoughts on “Busted

    1. Hello Nan. It is extremely frustrating because these healthcare workers are putting their lives on the line to care for the greatly increased number of ill and dying Covid patients that governor’s like him are causing with their greedy push to reopen everything. Now the states have stopped reporting school Covid cases and quarantine information. They are doing everything they can to deceive and force the public into walking in to the meat grinder of Covid illness. These healthcare providers and staff are suffering for the desire of states to refill their tax coffers and to not pay unemployment. Hugs


      1. Scottie, until it “hits home,” none of these people will concede and admit the dangers of this virus. In fact, if anyone has any doubts what the Republicans stand for, their actions during this crisis should spell it out loud and clear. There’s only ONE language they speak and it starts with an “m” and ends with a “y,:

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          1. Hello Chatty Introvert. I had to look this up as I never heard of it. Are you asking when they will hide in their homes? Or is there another meaning ? Hugs


            1. meaning the rich supporters around the great leader throwing a party will be in their private “safe” place (shut away from the folks all around that keep getting this covid thing and the economic troubles), only to find in the end one of their number is affected and they all go down anyway.
              I always loved that Poe story, just because I guess it was that bit of Karmic justice.

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            2. Hello Chatty Introvert. Thanks for the info. It is happening all over. That wedding in Maine that infected 60 people and caused one death, well only 22 of those people went to the wedding. The rest were infected by the people who were there spreading it through their communities. Hugs


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