2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about an update on Florida’s teachers in Martin County….

  1. randy August 20, 2020 / 03:35

    Hi Scottie;
    It must be frustrating to be a politician and realize that no matter how many words he throws at something the reality of it doesn’t change. I’ve really thought that this virus was going to change our culture, and now is perhaps the time for our way of educating our young people, our way of building the needed widgets we use, our way of being “civilized” changes. Every time we attempt to throw back to the old ways of doing things this virus comes along and suddenly we have sick people. Seems we have two options: Change how we do things; or, Accept sickness and death as a consequence of adhering to old ways. What I’m seeing is that the powers that be are ok with the death thing provided it stays down with the little people.

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    • Scottie August 20, 2020 / 17:56

      Hello Randy. Well said. The problem is we have too many people hidebound to the past unable to see any benefit to change. They say things like if it was good enough for … it is good enough for my kids. The other problem is the money wealthy people have invested in the former system who can not change because they would lose their paycheck. Think of all the private schools, church schools, that would die due to lack of high priced tuition if their students went to remote learning. Think of the money they have in those buildings. Plus it would equal the playing field between schools with money and poor schools if every student who could was remote learning. Most kids spend all day on the computer anyway, let them learn from it. The advanced learning courses I took in the military for promotional credits were all on a screen and that was in the late 1980s. For special needs kids that leaves more room and money for in person teaching, or more one on one remote learning time.

      The big reason for the push to open schools at any cost is economics and the desire to force people to pretend Covid never happened. They want us to live with the zombies and vampires instead of fighting them. The states are broke, red Republican states like Florida and Texas especially. They can not afford the unemployment claims and they cannot get state tax revenue unless people go back to buying, selling, eating out, drinking, going to movies, malls, all the things that the state gets its little cut of. Remember most Amazon sales are taxless. So for the lower income parents to go back to work at low paying jobs servicing the economy and those more wealthy the kids have to have state day care, which we call schools. Wealthy parents are not suffering this problem, they have nannies and don’t have to work if they don’t want to. This is all to drive the poor working people back to work in jobs that serve others, endanger their health, and feed the wealth of the upper class.

      I just watched Steve Doocy on SPTV fox & Friends crow about how great the economy is, how it is in such a rebound because the stock market is near record breaking. Most people do not realize that only 20% of the population owns 80% of the stocks. Really! The republicans like to claim everyone one is in the stock market but that is simply not true. It is a lie, surprise Republicans and SPTV lying. So in truth the Fed is pumping money into the stock market to keep the wealthy happy ( while the government can not give unemployed people the needed assistance to pay rent and buy food ) and tRump and SPTV keep claiming we are having a V shaped recovery it is instead a flat, no recovery at all. That is why they are so desperate to hide the Covid numbers and force everyone back to pretending it is all over and back to normal. The recovery is flat, it has not happened. Today the job figures showed another new 1.16 million jobless claims. Unemployment insurance has run out for 15 million people in the US unless congress extends it. Red states like Florida can not do tRump’s executive order to give $300 to unemployed people because they must kick in $100 and they simply don’t have it. Yet Republicans in congress got hooked on the idea only Blue states needed government help, a tRump talking point dreamed up by boy toy Jared, so now they can not help the red states that support them. Plus there is no way the wealthy want the poor people to realize the government they support with tax dollars can actually be used to help them. The wealthy want all government services for themselves. Lower incomes must never realize the government can work for them, can help them, all they need to do is tax the wealthy. Hugs

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