Trump Backs Oracle As Potential Buyer Of TikTok

Why is tRump demanding the government get a cut of a private business deal?   This is not normal, it is a mob crime boss move.   How much does tRump think he is to get of that cut?   Does the grifting ever stop with tRump?   How do his cult followers not see how criminal that demand is?   Hugs

Microsoft had emerged in recent weeks as the leading bidder for TikTok, saying earlier this month that it had talked with the Trump administration about its discussions with ByteDance. Twitter — which has clashed with Trump over misinformation in his tweets — has also reportedly expressed interest in bidding.

But Oracle has leaders who are friendly to the president. Ellison — the world’s 12th-richest person with a net worth of $65.8 billion, according to Bloomberg — held a Trump campaign fundraiser at his California estate in February, and CEO Safra Catz reportedly worked on Trump’s White House transition team.

Trump indicated that TikTok’s ultimate buyer will have to pay the US government to get the deal done.

“We’re the ones making it possible, so our Treasury has to be very well compensated,” he said.

8 thoughts on “Trump Backs Oracle As Potential Buyer Of TikTok

  1. Scottie, they don’t see it because they don’t read the same stuff as you. Their source of information only addresses how bad the Democrats are, along with Trump being perfect is any and all things he does and says.

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    1. Hello Nan. I can not remember if I seen any mention of the cut on SPTV? But now you got me thinking, I am immersed in news from the time I get up until I go to bed. The major news networks, the cable stations, YouTube, podcast news, NPR, Vox, and some of these talk about or show clips from SPTV so yes I watch that as well. How do people just watch one channel or read one web site. I am constantly refreshing some sites to see if they have more news, my phone is on for news alerts. If I only watched one channel or read a few sites it would drive me crazy. I would be wondering what was happening I did not know about. Are not these maga people curious about what is going on? Don’t they reason things out, ask questions when they hear something. How can anyone say tRump doesn’t lie, even Dylan admitted that tRump lies too much. Hugs


      1. C’mon, Scottie … do you really need to ask this … Are not these maga people curious about what is going on??

        Trust me. You are an exception to the rule. This is not to say others don’t pour over the news as well, but I think you expend the ultimate effort. Especially for being an “average citizen.” I think the only others that do this to the same extent are people getting PAID to do it by various news media sources.

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        1. Hello Nan. Had to go lay down for an hour, got real nauseous for a while. I guess I do like to keep informed. I know Ron watches entertainment when he watches stuff. Maybe when the country gets back to normal I wont be so interested in news so much. Hugs


              1. Hello Nan. No I think Ron agrees with you. He has liked that the blog and the computers kept me busy all day when he was sleeping and gave me a purpose I enjoyed. But now that he is retired and home I think he wishes I was a little less involved with news and the blog. I think, he has not said anything and when I asked about the expense of keeping the blog he said he was OK with it because of how much I enjoyed it and got out of it. He is very concerned over the changes in the blogging or more that I am so upset over it. He is the one pushing me to move to another hosting platform. But Meeka in Australia says she checked out different platforms and they all use a similar system. Which may be why WordPress is pushing this change. My worry now is the security of my domain. I was told one thing and you are telling me another. I have to lock this down tomorrow. I may have misunderstood. Hugs


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