tRump encouraging terrorist group

4 thoughts on “tRump encouraging terrorist group

  • Hi Scottie;
    He is an odd one, isn’t he. If someone came to me and said “I understand you drive a Corvette”, no matter how much I like Corvettes, I’d have to say ‘no, I don’t’. That’s not that difficult of an idea to grasp, is it? So how is it that he can’t understand that accepting credit for things he has not done, is not doing, won’t do is not only a lie, it’s a lowering of what it means to be an adult!
    And, I recall another president who seemed to use the term “I don’t recall” a lot during questions. Didn’t he have alzheimers? Maybe Trump needs to be tested after these types of questions.
    I think the media is starting to get it, but I think they need to push things further. They shouldn’t air bs from him. If he lies, deceives, doesn’t give factual information and/or refuses to answer a question, I think they should simply state that the question was asked and he refused to answer directly. He enjoys the sound of his voice too much, he likely giggles every time he relistens to this stuff. I say stop airing bs. Not sure what Fox will do for programming, though.


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