How is this an improvement

The last post took me 4 tries to publish as each time it told me I did not have the right to do it, then it did it. This new editor has made posting longer and a lot more steps. I hate it. They took something that worked and made it harder, and they expect us to pay for that. I am still looking for a new hosting platform. Hugs

Just went to add the categories, had to click two different spots just to get them, again adding more step to each post. How is this an improvement? Also to bold the two paragraphs is taking me about 12 more clicks and it simply is not worth the added steps. Oh and now to play games with the categories, as to ge t to them I have to click again for something that use to be right there. More added steps. Hugs

One thought on “How is this an improvement

  1. silverapplequeen August 22, 2020 / 06:32

    If I was paying for it, I wouldn’t put up with it, I know that. Adding steps to a relatively simple procedure is always stupid & the kind of the made up by people who don’t actually use the procedure on any kind of a regular basis, if at all.


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