Ex-DHS Official: Lou Dobbs Was Shadow Chief Of Staff

Ex-DHS Official: Lou Dobbs Was Shadow Chief Of Staff

“Lou Dobbs was the sort of shadow chief of staff of the Trump administration. The president would call us and he would say — and pardon my language — he would say, ‘Why the hell didn’t you watch Lou Dobbs last night? You need to listen to Lou. What Lou says is what I want to do.’

“So if Lou Dobbs peddled a conspiracy theory on late-night television or made an erroneous claim about what should be done either at the border or with some law enforcement operation, the president wanted us to be tuning in every night.

“My response to that was I don’t have any time to watch Lou Dobbs in the evening. You’ve got us running a 250,000-person department and we’re trying to guard against some of the most severe threats to this country.

“We can’t be watching Lou Dobbs and taking our orders from him, but this happened on a regular basis.” – Former DHS chief of staff Miles Taylor, today on CNN.

More at the link above.    Hugs

4 thoughts on “Ex-DHS Official: Lou Dobbs Was Shadow Chief Of Staff

  • Did you hear/read about the new book, “HOAX” by Brian Stetler in which he talks about how Faux News is the primary source of information for and actions by Trump? He was on Rachel’s show last night and she read tons of quotes from it. WOW. Although most of us knew this was going on, but … WOW.

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      • The book itself is not out yet — I think it’s to be released this coming Tuesday. This was just an interview by Rachel with her reading several excerpts from the book. What I said in my previous comment is what it includes.


  • Scottie, help me if you will. A few decades ago, Lou Dobbs used to have a good reputation with a financial show. What happened to him? He has become clownlike in his schtick. It is truly sad to watch. Keith


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