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Why are there still not enough paper towels?
Blame lean manufacturing. A decadeslong effort to eke out more profit by keeping inventory low left many manufacturers unprepared when Covid-19 struck. And production is unlikely to ramp up significantly any time soon.

Read in The Wall Street Journal:

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3 thoughts on “The Wall Street Journal: Why are there still not enough paper towels?

  1. That’s something I’ve noticed. There are barely any stockrooms left in newer built stores and whatnot. Everything is supposed to be on the floor (unless they use the back for cleaning supplies, inventory checking, and online order overflow/layway items).

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    1. Scottie says:

      this is scotties spouse answering . yes, it is logical. But also notice large chain stores are closing everywhere such as JC Penny. No need for that extra space or large stores with next day delivery.


      1. kind of a bummer. I prefer going places and seeing what’s there, especially when it comes to clothes. I NEVER by women’s pants on the web, because you can barely ever tell if they have actual pockets or not. I don’t carry purses everywhere, I NEED pockets. And 95% of what women get to wear don’t have useful pockets unless you’re like me and wear nothing but cargo pants/capris or Dickies work pants. If I’m in the store, I will be able to see if they are stitched faux pockets (why bother, I wonder, unless it’s to reduce VPL a bit) or the real thing.


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