I got my Toy Box back 🤗

Allow me to explain the horror of the morning. I got up late as yesterday had been a day of troubles and a most of the night electricity loss.

This morning I got my morning roundup done and decided I would do what two different support chats had told me to do, I installed the plug in for the classic editor. Wonderful, that screwed everything up. I lost half the function of my blog. I spent the next five hours trying to restore it, change all the setting trying to get the functions back. I couldn’t get anywhere.

So I wrote up everything I had done and went back to the support chat. I got a wonderful person named Kate. Kate understood the frustrations I was having and after she fixed my blog she explained things to me.

When I had installed the editor it moved me from the WordPress servers that handle none plug in blogs to the servers that handle plug in using blogs. I lost all the functions the first serve gave me and it opened up plug in functions I never had. I couldn’t reset it because I couldn’t move servers from my end. She moved the blog back and I regained everything, but sadly still have the block editor problem.

Well then we talked about the new editor and my frustrations.   Unlike the other tech support people she did not cope the take it or leave attitude.   She explained that WordPress had not done a good job of introducing it and that people were frustrated and angry and she understood it.   We talked about how it interfered with the type of blogging I do.  She really was helpful and showed me how some changes had been made that will now make my blogging a little less frustrating using the editor. ( However in writing this post instead of having to just hit enter to write a new paragraph and control B for bold type on the fourth paragraph I had to go into the block editor and bring up the classic menu to get the bold writing.)  She gave me several work around, and she admitted they were more steps but said it was the only way she could help me.     I flat out asked her if we were wasting our time complaining and if the company was even listening to the complaints and she wouldn’t answer that.   So I think I understand what that means.   So far the best support chat person I have had.  Now on to comments that are several days late.   I did manage to make more ice cream yesterday.    Hugs

11 thoughts on “I got my Toy Box back 🤗

  1. Nan August 23, 2020 / 13:58

    Is this the first female support person you’ve talked with? If so, IMO, that says it all.

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    • Scottie August 23, 2020 / 14:03

      Hello Nan. I think so. She had a much different tone. I sent you the chat log. She was very friendly and helpful. Hugs

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      • Nan August 23, 2020 / 14:11

        I’m reading the chat now …

        I’ve found that very often “guys” get impatient and frustrated. They think they’ve explained it … and they have, but only in a way that’s clear to them. Then when you ask questions, they get angry/upset because they think YOU are the one missing the point. (Of course this has absolutely nothing to do with my personal experiences!!!)

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        • Scottie August 23, 2020 / 14:30

          Hello Nan. Oh yes I agree. I am reading Keith’s post on conspiracy theories while eating my lunch. Also watching a video on the 12 most amazing abandoned vehicles and technology. Hugs

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  2. tengrain August 23, 2020 / 15:12

    The block editor sucks, and not in a good way.

    I’m training myself to always go to the Classic version, but it is not easy to remember.



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    • Scottie August 23, 2020 / 20:30

      Hello TG. Same here. I click write, then click the plus sign and type cla in the search box, click on the classic editor, click one more time when it comes up to get the menu to display. Then I do all my posting from that. Still it is extra clicks and wasted time.

      The weird thing is every support chat I have had tells me it offers a deeper more richer experience. What the hell does that mean? I was fine with the experience I was having, I did not need it richer or more rewarding, and this improvement sure is not making it that on any scale.

      So I have been trying to figure out the big push, who gains. The first chat support person told me that WordPress decided to save money by not supporting three editor programs. I only knew of two, the old way they call classic and the new way they are forcing on people who do not want it.
      In trying to get answers I kept asking why and they wont answer. Why is this horrible addition making posting harder worth it to them when it is pissing off their paying customers and even those free bloggers they get advertisement revenue from? I don’t understand it. Ron ( my spouse ) tells me it is the programmers convincing the company they are needed. But companies run on what makes money. This seems to not be conducive to that as far as I can see, so what is the gain? Any ideas? Hugs

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  3. ali redford August 23, 2020 / 23:27

    Mmm. Ice cream. And I’m definitely glad your Toy Box is back; I’m sorry it’s a pain in the neck (as if you need another pain!)

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    • Scottie August 24, 2020 / 13:01

      Hello Ali. I hope you are well. Angela from Kentuckyangel24 https://kentuckyangelfliesagain.wordpress.com/ gave me the idea. I bought a used one cheap that fit our kitchen color scheme. Now that we like it we are looking for a bigger better one. The one I got you have pack with ice and salt. I don’t mind the ice because our ice maker runs all day anyway ( I bought a small counter top one that fit our kitchen color scheme as we don’t like taking the freezer space for ice cubes ) but it is a lot of salt, at least as we are doing it. I don’t use as much as Ron but I think the ice alone is cold enough and he thinks the chemical reaction makes it colder helping make the ice cream. Either way it is really good, much better than store bought. Plus we can adjust it to our taste, and lower the sugar content by using a Splenda blend or add what ever fruit or candy we wish. If you have the time you might want to get an inexpensive one to try out. Hugs

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      • ali redford August 31, 2020 / 00:13

        Thanks-we’ll look at that! And, you know I’m not taking a side, but the salt does make it work better. I wouldn’t believe it makes much difference, either, but for our Latchkey last day, we make ice cream in baggies, and the salt is absolutely necessary, with the same explanation that Ron gave you.
        If that helps. Again, not taking sides, only sharing! 🤗💗

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        • Scottie August 31, 2020 / 03:57

          Hello Ali. Thanks for the information. I love to learn and I don’t mind being corrected when I am wrong, so please always speak up and correct my misunderstandings and increase my knowledge. 😍 Hugs

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          • ali redford September 4, 2020 / 00:01

            Hugs back! I hope all is well by you, and that you, Ron, and the kitties have a stellar holiday weekend!

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