Oh how they try to hide their own sexual attractions

This of course is the saga that Michael Cohen got involved with, shortly before Falwell Jr. endorsed Trump

Cohen said someone had compromising photos of Mrs. Falwell in 2015 and he tried to help the Falwells handle the situation.

A few months later, Falwell surprisingly endorsed Trump over Cruz, giving him support from a key evangelical leader.

So we're getting a better idea of what may have been on Falwell's mind during that crucial moment in the 2016 cycle.

Is there more to the story? The ex-pool attendant says yes, seems to be disputing Falwell's claim that this was "simply an 'affair'"


And here's the "more to the story," via @AramRoston


Originally tweeted by Andrew Prokop (@awprokop) on August 24, 2020.

2 thoughts on “Oh how they try to hide their own sexual attractions

  1. Nan August 24, 2020 / 20:00

    Hee-Hee! I do love reading “smut” about the evangelicals!!!

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    • Scottie August 25, 2020 / 14:22

      Hello Nan. The thing is none of this needed to be a scandal if evangelicals would just admit that no matter who created sex it feels good and there is no real harm in consensual sex in different forms. The truth is it is a well known fetish to watch other people make love to your partner. It is also common for older people to desire sex with younger people, and as long as all are consenting adults, no harm. The only harm is the stigmas created by religion trying to force people in to a mold that they think was decreed 2000 years ago. The truth is one man one woman biblical marriage is not true and completely made up for the Puritan religious. The bible was really one man and as many wives, brother’s wives, concubines, slaves , and minor female children he could afford or capture. Don’t hear that preached much from the pulpit. The other reason this is such a scandal is the school he runs would kick out any student who posed for the same picture he did. The one with his pants undone and arm around a woman not his wife in the same state of undress while holding a drink. The hypocrisy is stunning. But all Falwell was interested in this morning was he get paid the money he was owed by his contract. After all he is already quite wealthy. Owns a yacht and all. Hugs

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