‘We are the storm’: Texas GOP’s new slogan echoes a conspiracy group — but its chair says there’s no connection

‘We are the storm’: Texas GOP’s new slogan echoes a conspiracy group — but its chair says there’s no connection

On Thursday, The New York Times published a story that prominently featured the Texas GOP slogan, calling it an “unusually visible example of the Republican Party’s dalliance with QAnon.” The party pushed back on the story — pointing to the anonymous quote as the “provenance” of the slogan — and said it was never contacted for comment. Democrats, meanwhile, called on state GOP leaders to disavow the slogan, which West indicated he would not do.

The QAnon movement adheres to an unfounded theory that a mysterious government official named “Q” is exposing a plot against Trump by “deep-state” actors involving satanism and child sex trafficking. Some believers have been accused of plotting or carrying out violent crimes, including killing a New York mob boss. In April, an Illinois woman was arrested after she traveled to New York with illegal knives and wrote on Facebook that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden need to be “taken out.”

Last year, the FBI identified the movement as a domestic terrorism threat. It is getting more attention than ever after Marjorie Taylor Greene, a GOP congressional candidate who openly supports the movement, won her primary runoff last week in Georgia — and after Trump’s comments Wednesday.

The concept of “the storm” is a significant part of QAnon vernacular, said Mark Fenster, a law professor at the University of Florida who studies conspiracy theories.

“The storm has been one of the metaphors that Q and his followers have used to describe the coming upheaval in which Donald Trump reveals himself to have been working heroically behind the scenes to expose and punish those who have been engaged in this horrible satanic child sex cult,” Fenster said. “Storms are longstanding metaphors going back to biblical [times] of how it is you cleanse what has otherwise been a sinful humanity.”

The Texas Democratic Party did not buy the GOP’s explanation for the slogan.

“The Republican Party is being led by an internet cult that believes in dangerous, extreme far-right conspiracy theories,” party spokesperson Abhi Rahman said in a statement. “West can try to deny it’s connection, but it’s there in plain sight for everybody to see.”

“I truly believe it’s not the intention of Chairman West to spread this QAnon message, but if someone like me, after a little research, can find there’s a bunch of QAnon accounts on Twitter saying, ‘We are the storm,’ and a T-shirt you can buy with ‘We are the storm’ and the letter Q, I think the Texas GOP should’ve done the research and said, ‘Do we even want to even appear that we’re pandering to this conspiracy theory part of the GOP?’” Ford said.

Ford added that he would like to see a “firm denouncement” from the state party, but he acknowledged it is “hard when you have President Trump not denouncing the movement.”

There is more at the link above.   This is what the Republican party is now, what they have become as the cult of tRump.   There is no recovery from their actions, no simply forgetting what they are promoting as a political party.   They are electing Q believers to congress to make laws and rules the rest of us must live by.   Scary.  Hugs

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