Bakker Warns Of “Revolution” If Trump Loses

“I’m scared for America. I really am. I want to warn America. We’ve got a few more days to stand up. It’s going to be too late after the election, I believe.

“I think if we elect the wrong people — and you see how wrong it’s been — we’re gonna have a revolution.

“The church people are going to march in the street and realize they’ve gone too far, and we can’t let the murder of babies lead the way.

““We can’t let people burn America. We can’t let the rebellion takeover. This is not going to be a nice place to live.” – Jim Bakker, who has returned to grifting after an alleged stroke.

There is more including video and comments at the links above.  This is what the religious grafting leaders want and what the Republicans are all about, fear and hate.   Also remember this is a secular country with a separation between church and state.   A wall religion has been trying to destroy for the last 5 decades and in four years under tRump has almost succeeded.      Hugs

3 thoughts on “Bakker Warns Of “Revolution” If Trump Loses

  1. Keith August 26, 2020 / 08:16

    Scottie, there is not a lot of credibility here with this source. Bakker is not the first prosperity evangelist, but was sent to prison for extorting money from donors. He also famously said on Ted Koppel’s Nightline, “God wants me to have nice things.” Then, there is that Jessica Hahn thing.

    At least Franklin Graham has not done those things, but he has denigrated Muslims and polished up a rotten-to-the-core apple in Donald Trump for his followers. As I wrote to him, he does a disservice to his ministry, which actually does good things, when he says things like that. I understand he is speaking at the RNC.

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    • Scottie August 26, 2020 / 08:47

      Hello Keith. Not sure if he is still scheduled to speak, I will wait to see. He made sure he got his money , I am reading that the university has to pay him 10.5 million. 1.25 million a year for two years and 8 million if he retires. So we know his priority was not the students, but the money they could give to his pocket. Yes I know other upper level schools have well paid staff, but they don’t claim to do it to instill morals and proper Christian standards in to the students. Hugs


      • Keith August 26, 2020 / 13:12

        Scottie, Boards are too chicken to fire someone for cause.Roger Ailes walked away with $37 million for sexual misconduct. A key reason, Boards have other CEOs who do not want to be on record in case it happens to them. Keith

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