8 thoughts on “Just saying”

    1. Hello Nan. I guess they had Senator Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, Don Jr’s SPTV girl friend. Not the name but a lady who thinks Jews are going to to enslave all the non-Jews. Mike Pompeo is to speak even though it is against his own rules, and Tiffany tRump also. Not sure on what days. Hugs


      1. My question was facetious … I’ve been pretty much aware of who’s going to drool on his behalf (and so far, they’ve done quite well at it from what I’ve read/heard). I did happen to catch Melania’s speech last night — although not intentionally. I just happened to “drop in” to see what was going on and she was the speaker. Outside of being very robotic, news sources say her message had a far more positive tone that anyone else.

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    1. Hello Brian. It is scary and most of us don’t like it either. It seems the Republicans and the cult of tRump seem fine with it as they scream wearing masks takes away our rights? So a dictatorship / authoritarian government is OK but rules requiring masks they take up arms against? Hugs

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  1. Hi Scottie;
    Didn’t I see that one of those key note speakers was not shown because she published anti-Semitic conspiracies and such? Here’s the thing, these “people” can stand in the middle of Jerusalem and pound their chests all they want, but give them a quiet moment and their racism seems to bubble to the surface like the scum over a sewer. And, in continuation of that analogy, their true nature is just under the surface and even nastier.

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