RI Trump Boat Parade Turns Ugly With Threats To Park Rangers, Gun Threat Over Masks, Homophobic Slur

RI Trump Boat Parade Turns Ugly With Threats To Park Rangers, Gun Threat Over Masks, Homophobic Slur


But several park rangers, who asked not to be named, said behind the scenes they were unprepared for hostilities they faced from some attendees, who were largely not wearing face masks.

“I did not realize that this event was happening until basically the park was full of people flying Trump flags,” one ranger said. “There was no preparation for it, and then we basically got left out to fend for ourselves.”

One attendee — who carried a handgun on his waist, in violation of state park rules — allegedly accosted another guest for wearing a mask. Another park-goer, who had a rainbow pride pin on their bag, was called a homophobic slur. Some attendees also threatened to tip over a park ranger’s truck.

Healey said they received maybe one or two 911 calls during the event, but they were mostly about verbal incidents. He said the targeting of on-duty park rangers — who are predominately teens and young adults — is a trend the department has observed throughout the summer.

“It stinks because basically our summertime employees are all like, you know, kids,” he said. “I think that if that happened today and they were targeting rangers, that’s really regrettable. But I would kind of chalk that up to the general level of ugliness that COVID has sort of brought out.”

This is the US today under the Republican thugs out to keep the power that brings them wealth is threatening kids on summer jobs.   How is this anything to be proud of?  Hugs

2 thoughts on “RI Trump Boat Parade Turns Ugly With Threats To Park Rangers, Gun Threat Over Masks, Homophobic Slur

  1. I’m in the middle of Mary Trump’s book right now (power outage yesterday gave me a long block of time to do nothing but read). They’re basically taking a page from dear leader–pick on those you see as weaker than you and bluster and act outrageously until you get your way.

    That definitely helps explain the rash of crazy folks yelling at store clerks and such about mask policies and the like. They’re conveniently placed in the firing line to take that kind of abuse, but they’re not the ones who implemented the rule. neither are their managers and bosses. It came from the CDC, so they just need to deal with it. But they don’t like hearing that so they’re gonna make somebody they see as a servant take their ire. It sucks, because nobody gets paid enough to deal with that kind of whiny crap. I feel a lot for young cashiers and floor folks in stores these days. They’re doing their jobs, or trying to, and getting picked on for it.

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    1. Hello Chatty Introvert. I agree. What happened to common decency or civil conduct in public? I don’t know about the modern age but had I acted like these anti maskers in a store as a kid I would have gotten hit then, and when I got home I would have gotten a beaten. Ron who had decent parents not the abusive assholes I had, he would have been taken out to the car, put there and told to stay there while the parents shopped.

      Today there is too much me in our society and not enough us. The object of masks is to protect others not our self, so it is a civic duty to protect others. Yet today there are far to many who think only of themselves and never about others. Hugs

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