USA TODAY: ‘We shouldn’t have to beg’: Americans struggle without unemployment aid as Congress stall s on extending benefits

‘We shouldn’t have to beg’: Americans struggle without unemployment aid as Congress stalls on extending benefits
Stocks are back at records. But not everyone is feeling the recovery as millions of out-of-work Americans suffer because of delayed unemployment aid.

Read in USA TODAY:

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2 thoughts on “USA TODAY: ‘We shouldn’t have to beg’: Americans struggle without unemployment aid as Congress stall s on extending benefits

  • Stocks have little to nothing to do with the ECONOMY … and this is what so many are unable to understand. Stocks are what the millionaires invest in and what keeps them millionaires. The economy is what affects the rest of us … and right now the economy sucks.

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    • Hello Nan. Very true. From what I have read 20% of the people own 80% of all the stocks. What you said about the wealthy is true and that is why tRump and his ilk and the wealthy Republicans in congress think the economy is doing great, because they are doing great. But as you say the rest of us are not. What seriously angers me is the fact the government through the fed and the PPP act are keeping the stock market artificially high by pumping money into it and by giving companies cost free loans that they can do anything with, while at the same time denying the rest of us any assistance at all. While the wealthy reap the help from the government treasury that the lower incomes / poor who now pay the bulk of the tax burden are left out of and given nothing.

      I keep saying the Republican / wealthy mind set is the government should serve the wealthy, but never serve or work for the workers or the poor. Everything for the upper class, nothing for the lower class.

      The reason why Republicans are refusing to do anything to help the 55 million out of work and the people with no incomes is they don’t want the average person to realize that the government can be used to make their lives better. As is done in other advanced countries. The Republicans are terrified that people will realize the government can work for them also. It tears down all the Republican lies over the decades.

      But there is no way out of this that the government doesn’t give money to the poor and out of work. Mass evictions and homelessness. No buying or selling to move the money which stimulates the economy because no one has the money to buy or sell. No one buying means no one producing. Everything grinds to a halt while the stock market stays high only as long as the government feeds it money. If the Republicans want to fix this they need to do what other countries did, give the people money to pay their bills, their rent, buy food. Enact strict measures to control the virus. Open up things slowly closing any venues that spike the virus. How is it OK the deaths in our country, have we gotten so numb. Over 170,000 with some studies saying it is more like 220,000 with all the uncounted deaths. The government is acting like a banana republic dictatorship in hiding the true numbers of deaths and hospital situations. The people are acting the way they are because the government is trying to convince them it is all better and to go back to the way it use to be. That will lead to more death and pain. tRump and the Republicans think we simply are forced to accept it, their reality, to ignore the virus and go about life the old way. But we don’t have to accept it and in November we will show them. I hope. Hugs

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