4 thoughts on “A bunch of false claims on RNC night 2, fact checker says

  • Hi Scottie;
    The sad thing is that the people who should care likely don’t. I hope this pulls the people on the fence for who to vote for in the coming election, but my fear is that the people who should hear this and understand just how false these claims that these asshats are making won’t care. I spoke with someone recently who told me flat out that there was nothing I could say that would have them vote for Biden. There is no thing that Trump could do that would bring this person’s vote from him, and that is a frightening thought.

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    • Hello Randy. It is sad, and scary that some people are unreachable. I notice it in two different groups. The older people too inflexible to change and those of any age that run simply on emotion. Sadly these people pick their news on how it makes them feel, not on reality such as the way things really are. We now have vigilantes shooting protesters in both Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. This is on tRump’s watch and due to his words. I just posted that 46 people in Texas died from drinking bleach to cure / prevent Covid 19. I wonder where they got that idea. When people get to a stage where facts don’t matter and emotion is the motivation for actions, then you can not reason with them. This is why the SPTV opinion hosts are loud and all their language is designed to induce fear. Fear of the black guy, fear of the Mexican, fear of the Democrat, fear the liberals, and so on. It is all designed to get you to be unreasonably afraid that these others are going to hurt you, take your home, take your job, take your country away from you, and so on. Trust only the SPTV and the Dear Leader, everyone else is against you and is lying to you. One thing I notice is they never say why all these other people are lying to you?

      This is why I keep saying it is useless for the Democrats and Biden to move right to court the moderate Republicans. Those people are not going to vote for Republican lite if they really desire Republican. If they are not down with tRump they will vote Biden anyway, but Biden moving right will turn off the Democrats on the left. I have written off the die hard cult members, they are like flat earthers and I don’t have time to waste on nonsense.


  • I think Don Lemon summed it up well at the end: “If you don’t know, then you believe it.” And that aptly describes nearly ALL of Trump’s supporters.

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    • Hello Nan. That is a huge problem. Randy wrote me he was talking to a person who told him there was nothing he could say that would change their mind, because their information was all from SPTV. What do you do? How to reach that person. I use to watch atheist / Christian videos and debunking flat Earthers. I have learned as much as I need to from the first and I have no time for the nonsense of the second. How the heck do you get to the point of thinking the earth is flat and how the hell do you talk to someone who thinks that? I have decided there are somethings worth my time debunking or discussing, and there are things that simply are nonsense I can not be bothered with. I am starting to put the tRump cult members in that last category, other than to make fun of them. Hugs

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