8 thoughts on “Newsweek: Wis. Lawmaker Says White Supremacists Came to Kenosha to ‘Hurt Protesters’

    • Scottie August 27, 2020 / 12:23

      Hello Ospreyshire. I don’t get that kind of mentality. There seems to be a thrill for these militia people to intimidate others. Think about what the militia is saying by their presence. The protesters are demanding the stopping of brutalization and killing of POC by police. That is a reasonable demand. The militia by opposing the protesters are saying they want the police to keep hurting and killing POC. WTF! They claim to want to protect rights, what about the rights of POC not to be killed. I have never understood racism, or bigotry based on the color of a persons skin, but I know I dislike it and it angers me to see it. I am at a loss how people can believe in any racial superiority. Why do some people seem driven to create what they call a race war? What would it achieve or what would be the gain. Just death and despair on all sides, but is not a rational thing to think can happen.

      The fact is there are no pure races and race is a social construct now. We are all intermixed. In the future there will be a lot more mixing. Heck our ancestors mixed with the other hominids that were alive around them. Our species is a really horny one that will fuck anything or with anything. I find being proud of being white to be like being proud of having five fingers on each hand, the person had nothing to do with it , it just is. Nothing to crow about. There are things to be proud of or ashamed of, skin color is not one of them in anyway. Hugs

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      • ospreyshire August 27, 2020 / 16:41

        It sure seems like it with the militia. They get excited to play GI Joe in order to hurt people. The protesters have a legitimate point and it’s even more legitimate with how Kyle Rittenhouse was treated. I saw Burger King trending on Twitter because people compared his situation to Dylann Roof. Why isn’t the National Guard coming to stop the militia? I know why and it’s such a double standard. Trying to start a race war is dangerous and extremely counterproductive for progress.

        Interesting points. In my case, I guess it’s more obvious being from an interracial family, but I see what you’re saying.

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        • Scottie August 27, 2020 / 17:23

          Hello Ospreyshire. You wrote

          In my case, I guess it’s more obvious being from an interracial family

          That is why we need you! How can I or any old white person understand the life long racism you have faced. Yes I have face a lot of bigotry as an openly gay man, but that I could hide if I needed to, hard to hid the tone of ones skin in an emergency.

          At this point in time you are the leaders we need, we white people need to stand with you, beside you, give all we can, but we need you to educate us and to lead us. Does that make sense? What upsets me is the people who think this is all made up , or an attempt to politically hurt tRump. They do not see the lives , the oh so many lives, cut short because of police racism and bigotry. Hugs

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          • ospreyshire August 27, 2020 / 18:50

            That quote was just playing off the “mixed” paragraph you said, but I understand.

            Granted, I don’t have some magic or surefire solution for racism to end. Education about racial matters, history, and calling out those with racist predispositions are great starts. I’m sorry to hear that people have been bigoted towards you because of you being gay. It’s good that you realize the intricacies of those forms of bigotry.

            I see what you’re trying to say. It’s interesting that you see those suffering under racism as leaders, but to be some kind of figurehead would be overshadowing the atrocities going on now. If you and others are willing to listen and want to make a positive change, then that’s great. It is upsetting that people still deny these realities.

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            • Scottie August 27, 2020 / 19:35

              Hello ospreyshire. In the history of our country it has always been the oppressed that have made the best changes. Our founding fathers staged a revolt due to what they felt was unfair treatment. In a more modern age there was MLK, a person with flaws who moved mountains in his time. The civil rights movement. The same sex marriage rights. All started and pushed by the discriminated marginalized group.

              Every time a civilization changed it was due to those marginalized who said we wont take any it more, no matter what. So yes I have read that whites need to use our privilege to help and I agree with that , but in this fight whites can not lead. Whites need to be supportive of and in times put their own bodies in front of POC being abused. That is where we can do the most good I think , saying if you want to hit them you have to hit me also. That was one of the things that changed the South African Apartheid, whites simply said no and put their bodies in front of the blacks being attacked. I know because I had friends doing that. They would stand there and take the beatings trying to defend their black friends. Will that work here? I don’t know. The situation can not stand. Too many people see the country as white or black, but the truth is we are both, we are intermixed and we are not an either but are instead a both.
              I have to go to bed. I love this discussion we are having. I will answer the rest of you comments tomorrow. Sorry I am very tired. Hugs


  1. Johnathan Poulin August 27, 2020 / 15:44

    This kind of narrative is hurtful. This entire BLM movement is bringing identity politics to a head, this whole you are with us or against us mentality is not helpful. What about the black and brown business owners that are getting their lively hoods taken…. The black and brown police officers that are good and just. David Dorne.. What about him…. When every human interaction is seen through the eyes of identity politics this is what happens. CNN, MSNBC and media outlets like that that stick to the ”orange man bad narrative” and spread lies smears they are just as liable for this kind of stuff. They pick and choose someone to blame . Trump, Russia, whomever fill in the blank. Look at the numbers
    That article is a case in point it ”Shows the rate in which blacks are shot by the police, but nowhere in the article does it say how many more times police interact with Blacks vs whites. It is actually more often a white person is killed by a police officer when you factor in police interactions
    My main thesis is get out of your bubble and echo chamber, Young african american men dont need to be told they dont have a chance in this country. It is not true and people are being forced to pick a side and it is not good at all !!

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    • Scottie August 27, 2020 / 16:51

      Hello Johnathan Poulin. I am afraid you are wrong. This is not identity politics and your Washington Post article points out the entire problem right at the beginning.

      Although half of the people shot and killed by police are White, Black Americans are shot at a disproportionate rate. They account for less than 13 percent of the U.S. population, but are killed by police at more than twice the rate of White Americans. Hispanic Americans are also killed by police at a disproportionate rate.

      You seem to think this is looking for someone to blame, but you miss the point of the entire movement / argument which is systemic racism has been in effect for centuries and is causing unarmed black men to be shot when white men wouldn’t be. I can show you side by side where a black person was shot and killed while a white person doing the same thing was taken into custody with out being shot. I have posted and we have all seen the videos of black people being pulled over for bullshit reasons only to be assaulted and killed by police. I have documented on this blog the infiltration into law enforcement by white national racist groups to achieve positions of power to harass and kill black people.

      Your argument about whites being shot by police more is incorrect due to the population. This article may help you understand. https://news.northeastern.edu/2020/07/16/the-research-is-clear-white-people-are-not-more-likely-than-black-people-to-be-killed-by-police/

      Northeastern professor Matt Miller says that Trump’s response was a “grotesque” misdirection that fails to account for the fact that Black people are killed by police at a higher rate than white people. A recent study by Miller found that Black people are shot and killed by police at twice the rate that white people are.

      Matthew Miller is a professor of health sciences and epidemiology. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

      “He is using the truth to tell a lie,” Miller says of Trump. “Or at the very least to mislead, which in either case shows an indifference to the critical question: Why are Black people still dying at the hands of law enforcement?”

      Overall, close to 1,000 people are shot to death by police officers in the U.S. every year, according to a database maintained by The Washington Post. It is true that a majority of those victims are white people.

      “That’s only because there are so many more white people than there are Black people in our country,” says Miller, a professor of health sciences and epidemiology who has been researching injury and violence prevention for two decades.

      Miller participated in a Northeastern-Harvard data-driven study that combed through shooting deaths by police across 27 states in 2014-15, based on details culled from police and medical-examiner reports by the National Violent Death Reporting System. It found that Black people were killed at a rate higher than their proportion to the national population.

      “Although Black people represented 12 percent of the population in the states we studied, they made up 25 percent of the deaths in police shootings,” Miller says.

      By comparison, Miller says, white people represented 62 percent of the population—and made up 54 percent of the deaths in encounters with police

      I suggest it really is you that are in a bubble and using identity politics.

      The fact is we are talking long term systemic racism that devalues black lives. The most in your face of this is the many videos over the last three years of unarmed black people being killed by white police officers and yet these same police officers even when charged manage to get off by claiming they were afraid, when the black person was running away from them. The victim was running away and the officer with all his weapons felt afraid?

      You seem to think opportunities are the same for black and white people in the US. This simply is not true. Studies on everything from renting to home loan applications to employment are all colored by if your name sounds white or not. Everything from the GI loans of the 1950’s not being open to black soldiers to the redlining still going on in some areas is one example.


      blockquote> A close examination of wealth in the U.S. finds evidence of staggering racial disparities. At $171,000, the net worth of a typical white family is nearly ten times greater than that of a Black family ($17,150) in 2016. Gaps in wealth between Black and white households reveal the effects of accumulated inequality and discrimination, as well as differences in power and opportunity that can be traced back to this nation’s inception. The Black-white wealth gap reflects a society that has not and does not afford equality of opportunity to all its citizens.

      This history matters for contemporary inequality in part because its legacy is passed down generation-to-generation through unequal monetary inheritances which make up a great deal of current wealth. In 2020 Americans are projected to inherit about $765 billion in gifts and bequests, excluding wealth transfers to spouses and transfers that support minor children. Inheritances account for roughly 4 percent of annual household income, much of which goes untaxed by the U.S. government.

      Just how large and persistent are these racial wealth gaps? As figure 1 shows, median net worth for white households has far exceeded that of Black households through recessions and booms over the last thirty years. While movements in white wealth are easier to see due to the larger scale, during the most recent economic downturn, median net worth declined by more for Black families (44.3 percent decline from 2007 to 2013) than for white families (26.1 percent decline). In fact, the ratio of white family wealth to Black family wealth is higher today than at the start of the century.

      Median wealth—or the wealth of the household at the middle of a distribution—gives the experience of the typical family, but does not reflect the bulk of national wealth that is held by the richest households. White average wealth ($929,800), which is more influenced by very rich families and does not characterize the typical experience, is 6.7 times greater than Black average wealth ($138,100).


      I do not know if you have seen racism personally, but I have. I am white, my husband is white. We were entertaining a friend who came down from up north to visit us in Florida in the late 1990’s. We went out to a local restaurant. The white older woman took my order, took my husbands order, and then instead of asking what our friend wanted ignored him and asked us what we wanted to order for him. Yes our friend was black and this older white woman simply wouldn’t take his order from him. She wouldn’t talk to a black guy. That was really humiliating for him, and eye opening for us. That is the open racism still going on in the US.

      If this is a subject you would like to continue to discuss or any others please come back. Just know I am a stickler for facts. I like them. They are pesky things. They do not care about feelings or emotions, they simply are. Hope your journey through life is progressive, not regressive.
      Be well. Hugs


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