4 thoughts on “Trump Has A Message For Suburban Women

  1. Keith August 27, 2020 / 09:13

    Scottie, I started to listen, then I cut it off. I would rather read his BS than hear it. That way I don’t have to hear him smugly lying or misrepresenting things.

    While fathers are important, mothers tend to be the primary healthcare taker of the family. They also tend to be the ones who discipline children more than fathers and are the ones who tend to help instill right from wrong. Again, fathers play a vital role, but it should be noted, not every family has a live-in father.

    Healthcare is important and we have seen the mishandling of COVID-19 and misinformation continue to this day. And, we have seen consistent attacks on the ACA and, there is a court case, that may cause its demise after the election, which the president supports and is brought by several Republican led states’ AGs.

    Racial injustice is a key problem. We have a racist president who fans the flames of racism, who does not recognize or much less do something about the problem.

    And, there is more. Conservative pundit David Brooks noted a month ago, Trump has lost these voters and he is not getting them back. He has showed his lack of decency and empathy and that is not a small flaw. My suburban wife is truly disgusted by this person in the White House – that is not something he can white wash away. Biden is not perfect, but he does not disgust people.

    At least that is what this suburban, independent voting white guy thinks. Keith

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    • Scottie August 27, 2020 / 15:42

      Hello Keith. Best to your wife and yourself. I wish you had fast forwarded through the tRump talking part to the commentary part. It was the commentary of Sam Seder I that I was interested in. I agree with you I can not stand the sound of tRump’s voice. Also his bigotry is hard to accept in a modern world. I believe in the saying that hate has to be taught, that famous song. tRump learned at a very young age from his father to automatically discount POC . I know some people say hate for those not like us is ingrained in young children, but that simply is not born out in studies. In studies that take young children of different back ground and skin colors or religions and put them together for a summer the kids will form friendships and enjoy being with each other. In fact I was told of a study that took Catholic and Protestant young children from Ireland and sent them to a summer camp. The kids got along great and became fast friends. On the last few days at the camp the adults noticed a change in the kids. They were unhappy, cried a lot, and were very upset. When the adults talked to the kids they learned the reason why. They loved and really liked their new friends, but the also knew when they got home they would be expected to hate their new friends. The kids did not want to hate their friends and did not understand why they had to do so , but they felt they had no choice. Racism is taught in my opinion. And in the US it is systemic. Hugs


      • Keith August 27, 2020 / 17:00

        Thanks for the tip. I watched Sam Seder opine on the bizarre comments of the president. One of the things the president does is he flouts numbers and modifies them as if they are correct. He has habit of using numbers out of context and offering them without such, hoping no one will ask him where he got it from. Right now, he is throwing stuff against a wall to see what will stick, as he has lost this demographic. To be frank, he has a hard time with intelligent women (especially those asking questions) who know he is full of it. They see his schtick for what it is.

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        • Scottie August 27, 2020 / 17:53

          Hello Keith. That stuff he is throwing against the wall, what do you think will stick? As a former Republican what d you think would call those former Republicans back to him? Hugs


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