Kenosha Commotion

Kenosha Commotion

When police apprehended George Floyd for trying to cash a counterfeit $20 bill, they killed him. When they apprehended Eric Garner for selling loose cigarettes, they killed him. They killed Breonna Taylor while she was in bed and they were looking for someone else. When they captured white shooter Dylann Roof who had just executed nine black people in a church, the cops took him to Burger King. And when they see a white man running down the street right after he had shot into a crowd of black people, they let him keep running.

Can you start to appreciate why there are calls to defund the police? Don’t you see there are different systems of treatment and justice for white and black people?

And yes, Donald Trump approves of this. He instigated what happened last night.

Last April, Donald Trump encouraged armed men to storm the state capitol building in Lansing, Michigan. He tweeted to loyal base of racists, “Liberate Michigan.” He also tried to stir up violence in other states with Democratic governors when he tweeted, “Liberate Minnesota” and “Liberate Virginia.”

Much more at the link above.   It is a good read.   Hugs

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