8 thoughts on “Sharon Stone on Voting and COVID-19 | NowThis

    • Scottie August 27, 2020 / 17:57

      Hello Keith. That is the stuff I am hoping will throw the election to Biden. Every poor maga person has relatives that has this virus or died from it. There is only so much the hiding of the numbers can do when those people are in the same communities and talk to each other.

      What do you think, will Covid hurt tRump now? Will his base turn on him the more of them get it and die? Or is the new narrative from the white house that this has been entirely overblown and is not a serious problem take hold? Hugs


      • Nan August 27, 2020 / 18:09

        IMO, until one of the main people that surround Trump –and doesn’t wear a mask– gets the virus and gets really, really sick … or even DIES, I don’t think anything will change. He has convinced his cronies that the virus is essentially harmless and/or they aren’t taking precautions in fear of being “disrespectful” to him.

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        • Scottie August 27, 2020 / 18:52

          Hello Nan. Yet what the maga may not understand is ever person who may get near tRump has to be tested prior to that meeting. That is how a lot of congresses people find out as they were due to be near the tRump, they got tested and found positive. Nope can not get near Mr. tRump now.

          It stuns me that the people in this country are willing to allow the incredible double standard. Not only do we the people have a week until we get the test result ( with some waiting two weeks ) while the tRump’s crew get theirs with in 15 minutes, yet tRump keeps telling people not to be tested. Why? Because the more we test the more positive cases we find and tRump doesn’t want that high number of positive in his country. No matter what reality is, his own fortunes and desires come first. If tRump was offered a mythical deal that he could stay president but half the country would die, I really think he would take that deal with no regrets. Hugs

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            • Keith August 28, 2020 / 08:32

              Scottie, Nan, not wishing COVID-19 on anyone, but the Charlotte/ Mecklenburg Health Director noted there was not as much compliance with the mask and social distancing at Monday’s RNC event in Charlotte as promised. So, some will be infected and may become the next Herman Cain. Keith

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              • Nan August 28, 2020 / 13:13

                Referencing Scottie’s comment related to testing …

                I wonder if all those sitting in his adoring audience at last night’s rally speech were tested? If so, that’s sure a LOT of testing kits that could have been used elsewhere to considerably better advantage. Especially since news reports say kits are in short supply.

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              • Scottie August 28, 2020 / 14:35

                Hello Keith. Yes I agree and I am sorry to hear that. What can be done to stop the denial of science in the US. The CDC revised its advice on Covid testing under pressure from the White house, the new standards were written not by medical people but by WH staff. That was done while Dr Anthony Fauci was out of the office having a medical procedure done. Talk about the information being unreliable and political driven. How to trust a government doing this?

                Now we have three problems in the US, the fact that a large group of religions do not accept science and will not use PPE, many in the US believe simply wishing is an acceptable method to archive goals due to religion, and a government actively trying to hide facts and information from the public in an attempt to convince everyone that what the delusional president needs to be reelected is true and the to go back to pre-Covid activities. There is no safe way to go back. This is just a delusional demand from a sick mentally deficient ego maniac trying to keep himself in power. No country has been able to go back to as it was before, but some who followed the needed medical advice are having their economy rebound with out killing their people. tRump and the Republicans don’t care how many people this kills as long as they keep their power and keep the wealthy happy with a high stock market. Hugs

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