5 thoughts on “Chyna

    • Hello. While I like them I already am against the rump called tRump. Do you think these advertisements would change the minds or feelings of tRump supporters? You talk to some of these people, if they were to watch some of these would they feel differently about tRump? Hugs


      • Actually, no, I don’t talk to the Rump’s supporters. I do occasionally read their twisted perspectives via Twitter and various news reports, but the only Republican-leaning individual I’m in close contact with is my other-half — and he doesn’t like the Rump. He does, however, tend to support Republican ideology so our political conversations are few and far between.

        In answer to your question … of course they wouldn’t see this through the same lens as us. They all wear these rose-colored glasses that block out the negatives. Haven’t you figured that out by now????

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        • Hello Nan. I am sorry , I had the wrong idea that you were on Facebook with family people who were tRump supporters. I am glad you are not being slowly poisoned that way. Putin wishes he could poison as many people as easy as Facebook.

          I have been really down today. Watched the Sunday news programs while resetting / installing a computer for a person who thinks having an antivirus is silly propaganda. I had to order a part to fix it. I hope this time she pays me.

          But back to what I was saying about being down. My hormones must have been out of whack this morning ( hormones move the chemicals around that influence your emotions. ) I was really tired when I woke up at 3:20 AM and decided I was going to stay in bed and not blog today. But at 4 AM both cats decided I should be up and as I was not sleeping I got up.

          Shortly after getting up I got really weepy and was sitting at my desk crying and my mind kept going to bad places I did not want to be stuck in.

          I got that reigned in and diverted my mind only to feel overwhelming tired. Simply wanted to go back to bed.

          Then I got really sad. Just really tired and sad and so really down. Still not my normal perky person.

          I wish the trump supporters , the cult, the evangelicals, could see reality, the real world and understand the harm they are causing.

          I took yesterday afternoon off to watch the Black Panther in honor of the actor who died. He was really good in the part and I do not know how they will replace him. Think I will re-watch parts of it today. Hugs


          • First — it’s always somewhat distressing to read that you’re not feeling well (emotionally or physically). But one thing I’ve learned from my connection with you through the internet … you are ONE TOUGH COOKIE … so I feel confident you will weather this episode as well.

            Second — I do have relatives on FB that lean Republican, but we don’t ever discuss politics. Quite frankly, blogs are pretty much the only source I have to release political tension. 😊

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