GOP’s Ron Johnson refuses to condemn Kenosha shooter in manic interview with CNN’s Bash

This is the new cult of tRump Republican party where anything goes as long as they win. They wont condemn the 17 year old murderer as he is a tRump supporting police loving militia radicalized white boy following right wing propaganda to keep white power over black people. Think of why these protests are continuing, it is because POC are dying at the hands of authorities! All it would take to calm everything down is the government to acknowledge this and to start to correct it. Make concrete changes in policing that prevents this, that truly does make it bad apples instead of systemic racism.

But the powers that be, the people in charge wont do that, wont change the system. Why? Because they have enjoyed the privileges of being white, and the ability to make money ( profit ) off incarcerated black people while denying them the right to vote the oppressors out of office. It would be so simple to solve this if the racist were not in charge, and supported by a lot of other racists urged on by a bigoted racist SPTV. Hugs

In a highly contentious interview on CNN Sunday morning, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) repeatedly refused to condemn Kyle Rittenhouse, the Donald Trump fan accused of shooting and killing two Black Lives Matter protestors early this week.

Speaking with “State of the Union” host Dana Bash, Johnson repeatedly spoke over her while manically spouting out prepared comments and ignoring her questions that led the CNN host to finally cut him off.

“The 17-year-old accused of committing those two murders was a Trump supporter,” Bash began only to have Johnson interrupt with “It is a tragedy.”

“Do you condemn –” she attempted as he spoke over her again and repeated, “It is a tragedy. ”

“Do you condemn it?” she persisted.

“t is a tragedy, it is a tragedy,” he replied.

“It is a tragedy –but do you condemn it?” Bash pressed.

“Listen, I don’t want to see any loss of life. It is a tragedy, and the way you prevent tragedies is you support –,” he attempted before Bash cut him off again.

“A tragedy could be a car accident –,” the CNN host explained only to have Johnson interupt once more.

“You allow for peaceful protesters, but you don’t allow — you don’t allow peaceful protests to turn into a siege,” he attempted. “Listen, I don’t want to see anybody lose their life. I don’t want to see the violence continue. I don’t want to see businesses burn down. I don’t want to see economic destruction. I condemn it all.”

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