One Shot Dead as Hundreds of Trump Supporters Descend on Portland


The massive caravan of vehicles waving Trump 2020 flags led to more than a just a few violent encounters with anti-racist protesters.

The event, held as the city enters its third month of protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody, was ostensibly meant to counter the Black Lives Matter demonstrations that have been sweeping the nation and have at times been marred by violence. But the parade appeared to only fan the flames, just hours after the latest night of demonstrations in the city ended with a fire set outside a police union building and several arrests. By late Saturday, police made several more arrests as fights broke out between anti-racist protesters and members of the pro-Trump caravan. As tensions boiled over, the street became a crime scene after a man was shot. No details were immediately available on his condition.

Black Lives Matter protesters lined the sidewalks and stood in the streets while Trump supporters streamed through the city waving giant Trump 2020 flags and shouting. Members of the MAGA parade were seen deploying pepper spray and shooting paintballs at counter-protesters standing along the streets. A man in a white truck with Trump flags pointed a firearm at counter-protesters through his window after his car was pelted with eggs. 

Prior to the caravan’s arrival, sporadic fights broke out between Trump supporters and anti-racist demonstrators outside the Clackamas Town Center, where at least 600 vehicles had gathered in the parking lot ahead of the planned “cruise” through Portland. Members of the far-right Three Percenters were reportedly spotted in the crowd holding paintball guns as organizers delivered speeches to honor Trump, whom they described as “our great president.” 

The rally was described by organizers as a “concealed carry” event but some participants were reportedly displaying weapons.

The caravan’s arrival in Portland, which has been the epicenter of anti-racism and police brutality protests in recent months, came just a day after Mayor Ted Wheeler sent President Trump a scathing open letter demanding the president keep his “politics of division and demagoguery” out of the city. Trump—who has repeatedly invoked Portland to fear-monger about the “rioting, looting, arson, and violence” he claims awaits the nation if his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, wins the presidential election—sent federal agents into the city in July and has taunted his critics with threats to do so again.

5 thoughts on “One Shot Dead as Hundreds of Trump Supporters Descend on Portland

  1. Nan August 30, 2020 / 11:57

    Anyone with even a quarter of a brain should be able to see what’s happening here …

    Problem is, no one wants to look. They prefer to turn away and just rely on their prejudices and biases — neither of which will ever stop the racism and hate.

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    • Scottie August 30, 2020 / 14:03

      Hello Nan. I agree with you mostly but I think there is more here. This is really part of the 1930’s Germany comparison I and others have pushed for a long time. The tRump supporters are the brown shirts of Hitler’s Germany. They are terrorizing the population using illegal tactics for tRump. The reports are about 600 tRump fascist supporters held a rally and then drove into the city to assault, shoot pain balls, rubber bullets, pepper spray, throw real cans of paint on the BLM protesters. Seriously, tRump tweeted support for these actions.

      Now Republican congress people can not even condemn these actions on the Sunday news shows, and the Director of Nation Security approved of tRump’s actions.

      If people don’t look at what is happening, and act to vote in Biden the next part of the tRump administration will be to take the US full authoritarianism and then attack the countries he has wanted to all along for US profit, such as Venezuela which The US tried to create a coup ousting their government for profit, maybe Cuba that the president has his eye on or several other mineral / oil rich places that still defy the US. Scary time to be a retiree and a disabled person. Hugs


      • Nan August 30, 2020 / 14:15

        Quite frankly, your comment is exactly why I recently said I was backing off on getting involved in discussions. Other than doing our best to vote in Biden, there’s little we can do to stop the tide. And thinking about such a scenario makes me sick to my stomach.

        If Rump does win again, unless the Democrats in Congress grow some spine and forcibly stand up to him, I deeply fear we’re in for more of the same–only worse. Much worse.

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        • Scottie August 31, 2020 / 03:20

          Hello Nan. If the Democrats take the Senate they will have the ability to stop tRump. If they don’t take the Senate and tRump wins there is nothing they really can do. Yes they can stop appropriating funds but then the country stops and tRump and crew don’t care if that hurts the people. They will still get paid. We can see the Republicans don’t care about the needs of the people right now, massive evictions ( one city set up an eviction processing center in a stadium there was so many ) and 30 million unemployed who can not pay bills or buy food, yet Republicans wont offer any help. And they go on the Sunday news shows and flat out lie about how the Democrats wont negotiate or come to the table. Democrats suck at getting their message out, we need someone other than Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer to get on TV and do the talking. Both of those are horrible to listen to and don’t have a strong enough voice for the message. Hugs


          • Nan August 31, 2020 / 12:00

            I agree about Nancy and Chuck (although Chuck is better than Nancy). IMO, they need Adam Schiff to do the talking. He’s far more powerful and doesn’t let the Repukes push him around. But I guess they are bound by the order of power/position.

            But your overall point is well-made. Trump and his flunkies dominate the airwaves. Very few high-ranking Democrats get air time.

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