2 thoughts on “Trump Bought Faulty Ventilators, Donated Working Ones

  • I’ve never quite figured out why in one instance. it’s the state’s responsibility — but in the next instance, the “government” is the one handling things. At one point, Trump told the “states” to handle stuff on their own (related to the virus), but then he and his sycophants turn around in the next instance and decide they are the ones who should be in control. No wonder we’re in such a MESS in this country!

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    • Hello Nan. Great point. It is simple once you think of where the blame for failure goes. tRump wanted all the glory of being right and saving the nation, and wanted to push all the failures and blame for anything wrong down to the states.

      It was not the great and grand tRump’s fault people died, did not have PPE, or everything was not great, instead it was the bad state governors.

      Please notice how close Jared was to voicing the Republican wealthy belief which most missed, that the government stored life saving items, equipment, and drugs are for the wealthy, for them, not us. Hugs

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