2 thoughts on “Trump Supporters Drive Into People, Shoot People Dead

  1. Nan September 1, 2020 / 14:27

    I did watch this (CC) and totally agree with his perspective.

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    • Scottie September 2, 2020 / 05:58

      Hello Nan. I just reblogged a great post on racism and the tRump cult. The posts points out that these enabled racist are not going to go away even if tRump loses.

      I have heard for years abut a race war, that these groups want a race war. They want to be free to shoot POC. That is basically what that 17 year old kid was hoping for, the chance to legally shoot a black person.

      I don’t think the war will be what they think. It wont be a raising up of all the white people to suddenly kill or enslave all the dark skin people. It will be fascism as it has been creeping into our system for decades and racing in under tRump. Yes tRump wants violence and chaos but also the keywords are “law and order”. tRump says he wants the police to handle it, I guess he means like his federal goons did when they violated all the civil rights of protesters by attacking peaceful protesters, beating press, just so tRump could take over the space for a few minutes and have a photo ops. It still stuns me that there is so little out cry over that. If it had happened in other country ( except Russia ) the out cry would reach the moon.

      Law and order simply means a strong man dictatorship where the people are powerless and police are violent thugs authorized to use any tactic they wish to enforce the desires of the ruling class. Sort of what I seen in East Berlin as a young solider.

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