After Trump



During the Obama presidency, when a leader and members of his administration spoke in complete sentences, Republicans accused the president of being the most divisive in American history. A conservative colleague of mine wrote repeatedly about how divisive Obama was. But seeing that my friend and Republicans don’t use that term in regards to Donald Trump, I’m having trouble trying to figure out what was so divisive about President Barack Obama.

It can’t be his use of executive orders because Trump has done that. It can’t be how often he played golf because Trump has topped that. It can’t be that Obama went on an “apology tour” because Trump has insulted our nation (“what, you think we’re so nice?”). It can’t be because he lost our nation respect because world leaders literally laugh at Donald Trump. It can’t be because he coddles fascist regimes because Donald Trump is sending “love…

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4 thoughts on “After Trump

    1. Hello Nan. Yes. I read him right after the morning roundup. I do think his cult is going to be violent and cause a lot of trouble when he loses in November. Because tRump will be encouraging them they will have free reign to hurt, maim, and cause havoc until the new Biden administration comes in. Plus we know now that a large number of police are racist that they will resist any attempt by the Biden justice department to stop the bad actions. Hang on to your hat, it is going to be a bumpy ride. Hugs

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        1. Hello Nan. I am reading how now food assistance packages now come with a letter on official White House stationary touting tRump’s response to the Covid virus. Ouch. Hugs


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