Again tRump lies to stoke anger in his base and fear in the people

3 thoughts on “Again tRump lies to stoke anger in his base and fear in the people

  1. Nan September 2, 2020 / 14:12

    And the Republicans cry … “FAKE NEWS! FAKE NEWS!”

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    • Scottie September 3, 2020 / 07:16

      Hello Nan. Even this morning in news clips I seen tRump’s crime crew describe Portland are a burned out shell of a city, then the Chief of the Fire Department released a statement denying that in its entirety. The fire chief said any fire was so small it only took one truck to put the fire out. But SPTV will never admit they were wrong and never tell the truth. I am so angered by the cult not understanding their own members are the aggressive attackers causing the injuries and harm to the people indiscriminately that are the ones who are showing the police reforms called for are desperately needed. The same police force that backed the police officer who shot an unarmed black man 7 times in the back ( I was trained a three shot pattern, never 7 shots that shows a panic or desire to harm / kill not prevent an action ) stood by and did nothing as right wing thugs in mostly pickups shot paintballs from paintball guns and sprayed large plumes of pepper spray and other chemicals at people on the sidewalks. We know the police were there because of the video of them when the car ran into the guy on the bike, showing the bike under the car. We know they knew about it because the police released a statement that they talked to the caravan of violent right wing protesters before they went down town. Also why are the right wing attacking thugs not described as protesters? Or counter protesters? They are not police nor are they in authority. I am sick of the left wing not being able to effectively message or get our side out. That is one reason we are losing even though we are a majority. Hugs


      • Nan September 3, 2020 / 11:29

        Scottie, I empathize with you about not being able to get “our” side out … but when a idiotic, mouth-breathing IDIOT sits in the White House and tweets to the world how awful and dangerous the Democrats are, what can you do? I mean, he’s the only one on stage. Sure, people can respond and refute all his statements, but the spotlight is on HIM … and he knows it.

        Just this morning I had an evil thought … wouldn’t it be delicious if he got a “positive” test for the virus and had to be quarantined for 2-3 weeks. Sure, he could still tweet but he wouldn’t be able to conduct any rallies. Perfect timing would be for it to happen would be around the end of this month or middle of next. Since it takes time to set up these rallies, his “appearances” would be greatly reduced. (Notice — I didn’t say anything about him actually contacting the virus. I won’t wish that on anyone … even tRump.)

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