2 thoughts on “BOMBSHELL: Jim Acosta reveals White House’s dangerous new COVID strategy

  1. randy September 2, 2020 / 21:14

    Hi Scottie;
    If you look at the age breakdown, you see that the very old are most likely to die from this virus. Specifically, those in their 80’s. Those in their 70’s and 60’s are also at increased risk, but the numbers fall sharply as the age lowers. Further, those from lower income areas are most likely to react poorly to this virus. Because of the “lot of time in low doses or sudden high dosage” rules of contracting the illness, having a sick member of the family in the home, even if in a closed off bedroom, increases the likelihood of spread to others in the home. The higher income folks have larger homes and a greater ability to isolate a sick member of the family – not to mention a greater ability to have health care provided.
    Short of it all is what has been said numerous times already: the administration is willingly chalking off the elderly and the lower income as a loss. That isn’t surprising since they are convinced that those in lower incomes don’t offer any real value to the country, and the elderly are often a financial net loss. Welcome to your new death panels, America. You called them into existence one administration early.

    Hugs, my brother;

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    • Scottie September 3, 2020 / 07:47

      Hello Randy. Very true. One side note on a clip from MSNBC the doctor they have been using during this said the cases of children being admitted to the hospitals and dying from Covid has been soaring in recent months. He attributed that to tRump & crew repeatably claiming kids are immune or don’t suffer as much as adults from the virus, causing parents to put their kids in greater risk. Hugs

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