Kenosha business owner declines President Trump photo-op, former owner replaces him

A Kenosha business owner is accusing President Donald Trump of using his destroyed store for political gain.

Tom Gram’s century-old camera shop burned to the ground a week ago during the unrest in Uptown Kenosha. Gram said he declined President Trump’s request to be a part of his tour of damage Tuesday in Kenosha. Instead, a former owner of the shop was invited and he praised the president’s efforts.

Gram has owned Rode’s Camera Shop since he bought the business from the Rode family eight years ago. He worked at the store for more than four decades, but that all came to an end last Monday when the building went up in flames.

Gram said he got a call Monday from the White House asking if he’d join the president on a tour that would showcase his leveled business, but Gram immediately refused.

“I think everything he does turns into a circus and I just didn’t want to be involved in it,” Gram said.

To Gram’s surprise, he watched on TV as the president showed up with the store’s former owner and President Trump made it seem like the store was still his.

“John Rode III, owner of Rode’s Camera Shop,” President Trump said as he introduced Rode during a round table conversation on Tuesday.

Rode does not own Rode’s Camera Shop. However, he does own the property, located at 2204 Roosevelt Road in Kenosha, the site of Rode’s Camera Shop.

Rode was in front of TV cameras during the tour and he commended President Trump’s response to the Kenosha unrest.

“I just appreciate President Trump coming today, everybody here does,” Rode said. “We’re so thankful we got the federal troops here. Once they got here things did calm down quite a bit.”

“A day earlier would have saved his store,” President Trump responded.

Gram said President Trump’s references to John Rode III as the owner of Rode’s Camera Shop and it being “his store” were deceptive. Gram says he is disappointed Rode III’s comments Tuesday were construed to reflect the views of current ownership.

There is more at the link above including video.   The current owner disagrees with both tRump and the former owners stance.   Notice how tRump just goes ahead doing what he wants to do regardless if it is the truth simply because it is the image he wants to put out.   He uses music at his rallies with out permission and with out paying the owners.   He holds rallies with out paying the towns costs.  He refuses to admit he should have to pay for things he uses or problem he causes.    Hugs

6 thoughts on “Kenosha business owner declines President Trump photo-op, former owner replaces him

  1. silverapplequeen September 2, 2020 / 14:50

    I read that in the Washington Post. I was totally aghast. He’ll get away with this shit, too.

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    • Scottie September 3, 2020 / 07:30

      Hello Polly. Yes that he gets away with it is so discouraging. He commits these acts in such an overwhelming fashion and enjoys / brags that now no one can stop him. He brags that he really is right now a power with no controls. The elected cult of tRump members have given up any authority they had to tRump, making him right now above the law. His AG Barr said yesterday he will investigate the cities under Democratic elected officials control as tRump is demanding and assist the tRump administration to defund those cities. In other words tRump wants the federal government to only give money to red states under Republican control even though that is highly illegal. Yesterday he told his supporters to vote twice, just saying that is illegal but he wont face any consequences and his cult will do it, also illegal. Welcome banana republic with a tin pot dictator. Next comes the jailing of political opponents. Hugs


      • Nan September 3, 2020 / 12:28

        It is soooo frustrating!!! One keeps reading/hearing that certain acts performed by tRump are “illegal,” but NOTHING comes of it. 😠❗

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        • Scottie September 3, 2020 / 14:29

          Hello Nan. I agree. I can not understand why the same Republicans who claimed anything near a violation of the law by a Democratic president should be prosecuted and punished. Yet that is not the standard anymore. So I never want any current Republican to ever claim a violation of law by an elected Democrat ever again.

          I just watched a clip on SPTV and it exasperated and exhausted me. Hugs

          Liked by 1 person

          • Nan September 3, 2020 / 14:41

            I’ll take your word for it … I do NOT like this guy or the two-party conversations on the Majority Report.

            Sorry that you were negatively affected.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Scottie September 4, 2020 / 12:35

              Hello Nan. It is the hypocrisy and gaslighting that frustrates me. It is not a real emotional blow like somethings are, but just wanting to reach through the screen and shake them. Yelling at the screen doesn’t seem to work. 😣😀😃😏 Hugs

              Liked by 1 person

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