3 thoughts on “Self Harm And Cutting

  1. randy September 4, 2020 / 15:12

    Hi Scottie;
    That was a great vid to put up. Not many people understand the phenomenon/action, maybe not even those who utilize it. It isn’t easy to let people understand that there is something that can hurt us, and it isn’t always easy to let people know they are liked and loved, lumps, bumps, scratches and warts and all. Too many of us feel used, unloved, just plain hurt, and even when what hurt us is gone the pain remains. I have told you this before, but I really like how you sign off with “hugs”. I think we all need hugs far more than we realize, even just verbal ones.
    So, having said that: Hugs my very wonderful big brother!
    Great post!

    Now… off to bed. Got my mowing done, but I have to work tonight. 😦

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    • Scottie September 5, 2020 / 05:06

      Hello Brother. You work too hard. I have not self harmed since 2014. It is hard for people to understand why causing yourself pain helps you deal with existing emotional / mental turmoil. It is causing pain to counter pain. You sent me the article that had the science behind it how it releases chemicals that help. It is a coping method. It is a way of taking control of a situation you have no control of.

      I love you brother, thanks for being there through these last few years. The world needs more caring loving people like you. Hugs


    • Scottie September 5, 2020 / 05:13

      Hello Randy. Side note on the hugs. For years, I was horrified and recoiled from people touching me unless it was someone well known and / or I initiated the contact. About the early 2000’s I managed to work through it some what, and when I started my blog in 2007 I began using it as a sign off on everything I did / wrote / said because I felt like you there was not enough honest non-sexual hugs in the world. I wonder how it is for kids who grow up with soft kind touches and free cost less hugs at home. I won’t ever know or understand that feeling of growing up that way. Hugs


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