“It is what it is” says our president

Hello Wind blown Words. I agree with what you said.

They will not be considering the national carnage left behind, nah, screw that.

It will be left to the rest of us who understand the truth of science and value life to fix everything. That is if the Democrats take the Senate, White House, and keep the House of Rep. Hugs


Republican tanager vs. Democrat Bluebird.

Nicolle Wallace, in an interview with Arne Duncan, former Secretary of Education, made this remark, regarding America’s attempt to jump start the school year. “This could have been Donald Trump’s moonshot.”

She was referring to the high anxiety parents and most school officials are experiencing with the back-to-school effort across the country. Trump would be practically guaranteed a second-term as president, if he simply came out and said:

That the safety of all American children regardless of race or religion should be our first concern, and I pledge to cease my mindless twittering and absurd belief in conspiracy theories. Starting now, I, Donald J. Trump, will spend every waking moment discussing with scientists and educators, (jBetsy DeVoss will not be allowed in the room.) a realistic plan to insure the complete safety of every child, teacher, staff worker, and administrator in our schools nationwide. I…

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