Assistant Texas attorney general loses job after report surfaces racist tweets

Nick Moutos threatened Black Lives Matter protesters and has regularly referred to the organizers as “terrorists.” He called Islam a “virus” and trans people an “abomination.”


A Texas assistant attorney general sent dozens of tweets over the past several months threatening violence against progressives, spouting racist and transphobic rhetoric, casting doubt over the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic and sharing QAnon conspiracy theories. On Thursday, he lost his job with the state agency after national media reported on his social media activities.


“@BarackObama I pray to meet you on the #CivilWar2 #Battlefield. #Jesus #2A #MolonLabe,” he tweeted in June. “Molon Labe” is a Greek phrase that can be translated as “come and take them” and is popularly used by gun-rights advocates.

Moutos’ tweets often tout the Second Amendment and gun ownership while expressing his anger toward elected officials.

He has frequently referred to female members of Congress as“Whores of Babylon,” an apparent reference to a chapter in the Bible titled “The Great Whore and the Beast.”

“Hey there #WhoreOfBabylon, you wouldn’t even know what a Bible looks like! #Jesus #2A #MolonLabe #ArmedAndReadyVeteran #NoWarningShots #CenterMassUntilThreatDrops #Jesus,” he tweeted in response to a tweet from U.S. Rep. Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, D-N.Y., in early June. “Center Mass Until Threat Drops” appears to refer to police training wherein officers are trained to aim at the “center mass” of a person while firing a weapon.

Moutos also used the phrase multiple times to reference House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris and U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn.

There is more the link above, but I think you get the idea.     Hugs


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