on freedom of speech and the right to offend

Hello Mak. I love this. I think thought policing should never be allowed. A person should be allowed to think as they will. I think we as society must be very carefully in restricting voicing opinions, as it normally does more harm than good. It is actions we should be focusing and be willing to deal with. This video buts it better than I could ever do so. Thanks. Hugs

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If you have 8 minutes to spare this Sunday, you could use it to listen to this.

Have a happy Sunday. It is cold and wet in Nairobi so no outdoor activities.

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2 thoughts on “on freedom of speech and the right to offend

  1. randy September 6, 2020 / 14:55

    Hi Scottie;
    I watched this earlier and let it percolate in my mind a bit, trying to understand exactly what it was saying. On the one hand, I can’t help but to agree; We must push boundaries of what is the zeitgeist, because marching along with the status quo is naught but a continuation of unacceptable conditions, but in another I feel very concerned that opening this door is palpable to pandora’s box-like risks. And, while I agree that is a very controlling attitude to have, it is also because I just witnessed what should have been a growing time for my country devolve into an international embarrassment and national horror show. I will even accede to the hope that such a fall into the mud and mire will rise a culture of prosper and light, for everyone, but dang does it not also allow for the chance of a dystopian crash?

    You bring some troubles to my mind my brother. And, as irony would have it, such was the very focus of the man’s speech.


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    • Scottie September 7, 2020 / 13:48

      Hello Randy. Enjoyed talking with you this morning. I am finally up. Got my blood pressure down into the 140 / 96 range so it is not so dangerous. Ron is angry at my doctor because he thinks he is screwing up getting my blood pressure under control.

      I think we should be careful of what we regulate against. We should allow anything that doesn’t actually cause harm. We should err on the side of allowing more than we disallow. Ideas should be debated and allowed to die due it being a bad idea. I would rather hear and debate something rather than ban talk of it. Simply banning something never made it go away, but talking about it does change how people feel about it. Hugs


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