Sunday Reflection – A Ramble On Life In Abundance #SundayThoughts

Hello Tony. Yes what you wrote is so true, we are much greater when all are equal. Isn’t life better when everyone has their fair share?

I hope you can convince your viewers and other religious people of this simple truth. Best wishes Tony, hugs

The Tony Burgess Blog

The life we are living time continues to march on. We have adapted to a new reality and have changed in the process. The weather where I am is getting a little cooler in the mornings which is nice but the days are still very warm and humid. Life is crazy in many ways.

We are still in a survival mode due to the pandemic and some fear for their lives because of the color of their skin or who they love. Those realities can not be dismissed easily.

Loving your neighbor for who they are is still a good rule of thumb to navigate these days when many of us are on edge. My friends, we are living in tomorrow’s history today. What we do now has a ripple effect on eternity. Are we willing to do those things that can ensure a brighter future?

We have to come…

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